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Being able to see who's targeting your company and mitigating a plan of protection are just the first steps to securing your corporate network.
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Protect your company data with simple open source tools. Data is more valuable than money, don't let it fall in the wrong hands.

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Protecting your networks from network intrusions is a must.

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HACK3RS.ca was built by a Toronto Network Security specialist which wanted the Canadian population to be able to protect themselves against Black hat hackers.

I’ve been in the security industry for over a decade and wanted to share my knowledge. We are now seeing more and more breaches from malicious countries trying to obtain “Banking Information”, “Corporate Data”, “Medical Records”, “Social Security Numbers” and these are only to name a few.

The terminology “HACKERS” has been ran through the mud over the years and now the population see’s the term as being a negative threat.

A HACKER is just a computer enthusiast which wants to push their knowledge of computer hardware and software above the regular user.

There are 2 types of HACKERS and these are “White Hat HACKERS” which want to protect users from malicious threats and “Black Hat HACKERS” which are the criminals which use their knowledge for monetary or destructive means.


Below are some of the utilities I highly recommend:

AVG:  Possibly the best available FREE Windows Anti-Virus
Malwarebytes: This program will most malware but makre sure to keep it up to date!
Search&Destroy: Another good Free Anti-Malware Programs.
Firefox: Most Secure Internet Browser
Firefox Add-on:
No-Script: Blocks all Javascript and XSS Scripts

Snort: Must have for Intrusion Detection System
IPTables: Linux Firewall Application
Squid: Linux Proxy Server



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