fifothekid asked:

This tutorial is based on a the script by Deathray: For more information, please check:

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13 Responses to Backtrack Series – 10: MITM Attack With Rogue AP Using Airolib-NG & Ettercap-NG

  1. OnyxCode says:

    will you decipher the OnyxCode …

  2. coolguy9902 says:

    where did you get your instructions file…?

  3. 27arp says:

    Genio, gracias por compartir el conocimiento, deberias trabajar para el gobierno.-

  4. tobelleys says:

    cool man keep it up put some sound on the vids man….

  5. fifothekid says:

    Thanks for the advice
    I’ll check if I can omit that command

  6. LarsX2 says:

    Hi, i dont think the ip_forward is necessary since ettercap take the job of forwarding the packets and disabling the kernel forwarding to prevent duplication of packets.. as long as im not missing something


  7. fifothekid says:

    You’re welcome
    If you visit the forum you’ll find a lot of explanation for the used commands

  8. edebby says:

    you’re the MAN!
    I had to watch these 3-4 times to get the hang of it, but it was worth it.

  9. fifothekid says:

    I’m using recordMyDesktop
    Thnx for the comment
    Stay tuned for more videos

  10. potissimus says:

    hey mate. curious to know what you use to record the video. are you using a vid capture in linux or pointing a video camera at the screen. i dont see the horizontal sync lines scrolling so i imagine you’re using a capture program. which would it be? gracias dude. nice video by the way.

  11. fifothekid says:

    Can you send a screenshot to the link in the notes?

  12. gabrella80 says:

    dear fifothekid,
    I watched your video and got the script, but I can’t run it. here is the error I get.
    /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory.

    I put under usr/bin/ in bt3 final.

    plz help. thanks, gabrella.

  13. oscarlu says:

    Great videos, audio would be nice…
    Do more! do more!

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