fifothekid asked:

This method is much faster than the ASCII dictionary, but it requires a precomputed dictionary salted by the same SSID as the one used in the attacked network and it should be in the format accepted by Airolib-ng This video is based on:

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9 Responses to Backtrack Series – 6: Cracking WPA Protected Network Using Precomputed WPA Keys Database Attack

  1. fifothekid says:

    @flyin20052005 Save it to any Windows partition then mount that partition
    or otherwise you can add it to the CD. You can use PowerISO to add the dictionary to the CD image

  2. scorpionkeeper says:

    @flyin20052005 you would save it somewhere on your harddrive in windows, then boot BT and COPY it to a folder on there, like: /pentest/wireless/aircrack-ng/test/dictionary_file.txt

  3. scorpionkeeper says:

    @mohammadrad2003 yeah but you can run it through cain or other programs and set it to do: pass Pass PAss etc. with only one word, so if you have hellodude in your wordlist you could have HeLlOdUdE and it would still pick it up, would even do: pass, ssap etc.

  4. flyin20052005 says:

    How do i add a Dic to backtrack i run backtrack off a. Live cd so is tgere still away to add a list to a folder plz can any one help

  5. mohammadrad2003 says:

    Yes there is . Using rouge AP but i ve never tried that.

  6. bbmak1125 says:

    I heard that there is new way to crack WPA-PSK without using dict. They demonstrated in blackhat conference.

  7. fifothekid says:

    you are right
    but don’t forget that those passwords are hard to remember, so you will not usually encounter them

  8. mohammadrad2003 says:

    guys don’t bother yourself that much. to be honest with you if i make a password like this “helLOOdude” you wont find it in any available password list even the best one which is called “world-list” with size of 600MB.besides all we need to find other methods to find the password without brute forcing .

  9. fifothekid says:

    Check the forum in the description you will find very good password lists there

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