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01 August 2013 – Black Hat USA 2013 Fran Brown – Bishop Fox…

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9 Responses to Black Hat USA 2013 – RFID Hacking: Live Free or RFID Hard – 01Aug2013

  1. xSebas6089x says:

    Guys, I need some advice on a project I am working on. Not hacking, just
    Using a robot with built in SLAM and combining it with RFID tags, and a
    reader to localize it. If there is anyone willing to help me I would be
    incredibly helpful. I just got a couple questions.

  2. Gabriel Trosell says:

    Really cool watch.. my 24/7 gym is RFID doored 🙂 #blackhat #rfid

  3. 20rich02 says:

    I have a very serious question. If a person is implanted with a RFID
    chip/chips, how would someone be able to hack them? Im interssted in
    helping people that have been implanted with chips. Thats also why im
    serious about this subject. If you or anyone out there could help me out on
    this one I would be more than greatful for helpful information.

  4. mastermason10 says:

    Awesome. Thanks much for the post

  5. Misterious says:

    If a highway toll booth uses RFID to read the a Easypass or other prepaid
    tollbooth cards, they must be very strong.

  6. Ben Patton says:

    I too have done “penitration tests”

  7. wheaties466 says:

    is there a link to spec on the smaller short range RFID card reader he used
    to clone?

  8. tasticful says:

    The proxmark3.

  9. Ben Patton says:

    Sweet vest!

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