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This video shows a XP machine with a password being cracked via 0phcrack’s rainbow tables The password for the account is set via the command line so that you can see what it is Passwords: jG : password Administrator : longerpassword Note: Windows XP breaks the password into two hashes , starting from the seventh letter you will see that under the first hash , the account jG’s password is “passwor” while the second hash is just “d” (which gets cracked nearly instantly) I did not show the administrator’s password being fully cracked , but the second hash has been cracked already ( longerpASSWORD) #0phcrack works via rainbow tables , which are big but they work really fast (called a time-memory tradeoff) #0phcrack works on bruteforce , so stuff that are short , or starts with “a” etc usually get cracked first Only for educational purposes , sorry 😡 (i hate disclaimers too) THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!

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