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This video taken from security cameras of Vodafone Turkey’s Data Center in Istanbul. News: Torrential rains and floods, which headed for Istanbul after killing 10 people in Thrace for two days, hit the city the previous day and paralyzed it on Wednesday. Ayamama Brook in İkitelli – İstanbul, which also overflowed in recent years and is a risky area, could not hold the 90 kg/h rain. The flood inundated a truck parking area and the Basin Express highway. People were trapped in vehicles as the danger was not realized and the traffic was not cut. Seven women in a minivan that was dragged by floods in Halkalı, and 10 people in the truck parking area drowned in muddy waters. The death toll in ongoing floods in Istanbul and Tekirdag rose to 31. Efforts are under way to find nine missing people. (Taken from Turkish Daily News) http

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25 Responses to Data Center Security Cam recordings of 09.09.09 flood at Vodafone Istanbul, Turkey

  1. Kurby2001 says:

    HEY Watercooled DataCentre!

  2. LordsOfMinecraft says:

    3:30 Its one of those dinosaur things

  3. davepusey says:

    Impressive that, considering the damage, both the security cameras and their servers still had power and connectivity to record the whole event.

  4. amplexorj says:

    @ugurob Whats in the drawer doesn’t matter at 5:23 HA

  5. aguyandhiscomputer says:


  6. atxguitarist says:

    is this how they install the new “green” water cooling system?

  7. shorerydr10 says:

    lol I guess istanbul is not the most secure place to store your data…

  8. DragonLady23 says:

    wish my office would get flooded

  9. wwwtotalitaerde says:

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  10. paul9511 says:

    this is the fire sprinkler system?

  11. Luky1Jay says:

    I love how they leave the PC’s turned on, and from what it appears, on the floor 🙂

  12. paF4uko says:

    I’d cut the power off…

  13. Marinaatjuh says:


  14. davidsons08 says:

    hope they have offsite back ups, RAID wont save you there. lol

  15. davidsons08 says:

    lol, FAIL. they didn’t even try to move the computers on the desk, he just cleaned out the cabinet and all the stuff he took out fell in anyways. lol

  16. ChrizRockster says:

    @ blizzard242

    Its called going in cheap!

  17. ChrizRockster says:

    3:20 – Woah!! lol.

  18. blizzard242 says:

    Why would you put a data center in a flood plain. This is simply bad planning.

  19. Wnunyuie says:

    @mrchimpy2 “hit breakers” …. yeah, rly…how on earth did they not turn the power out… at least on the ground floor? data loss? wtf?

  20. TheeFuhrer says:

    This is when you hit the SCRAM button.

  21. meponex says:

    the technical skills for the datacenter administrators includes swimming???

  22. acydrayn says:

    Has someone made a Benny Hill/Silent Movie style remix of this yet?

  23. spacefoldgypsy says:

    see its the same human arrogance the world over that you think you can make a wall to keep it out with coats and things. When our house got flooded out we though the same thing.WRONG lol

  24. ugurob says:

    I don’t think it is cash. Why would he put the cash instead drawer under the flood 🙂 put it in to your pocket, man! (with same reason like yours) And if this place is security office that kind of money may be the only the dudes personal money.

  25. soutarm says:

    I thought it might have been cash but why would you leave an unlocked drawer full of cash sitting there like that? 😉

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