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This presentation will dive into research, outcomes, and recommendations regarding information security for the “Internet of Things”. Mark and Zach will disc…

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4 Responses to DEF CON 22 – The Internet of Fails – Zach Lanier and Mark Stanislav

  1. Quest | FuuZe says:

  2. sapher974 says:

    defcon 30 will be in 1080p

  3. Jason Portnoy says:

    moarrr moarrrr pleez

  4. Pedro Rodrigues says:

    One of the biggest problems are universities that don’t teach proper
    security. Some speak about “don’t do that because it’s insecure” but don’t
    say why, and students just ignore. At graduation a bunch of guys are going
    to work or develop some kind of “research” and the code is full of bugs and
    security flaws.
    The most common answer they give me is just “no one will look at that”.

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