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24 Responses to DEFCON 20: Botnets Die Hard – Owned and Operated

  1. ilIliilIl says:

    latest zeus builder enjoy

  2. David Kasurak says:

    DEFCON 20: Botnets Die Hard – Owned and Operated lol ;D

  3. LureThosePixels says:

    I find this type of accent cringe worthy, it’s hard to listen to for any
    long period of time D:

  4. NedTheDread says:

    I rather enjoy his accent, I guess it’s a matter of opinion…

  5. herpderpmonkey says:

    It’s not bad at all. He has perfect grammar and enunciates. Stop being such
    a language fascist. Let’s see you try to master a second language (lol so
    obvious you only speak English).

  6. Arno K says:

    It’s even still legal if you own the computers or have permission from the
    owner. You could just put it in the “terms of agreement”of your
    website/program. And it would take months for someone to spot it.

  7. LittleLegion says:

    Great video.

  8. MrDpsc says:

    true that, we learn 4 languages and Americans sometimes laugh with my
    voc/grammar -.-

  9. asdfdfasadsfsdf says:

    as you can see in the video , the guy infected a bunch of Pc’s ….”home

  10. Anx Won says:

    He said the word “like” over 100 times in the first 5 minutes of this
    presentation. lul

  11. tdrm says:

    Careful now. It’s illegal to write hacking tools in many countries.

  12. 2300mathias says:

    Boatnet? Btw… It’s not illegal to create the software itself… only to
    use it.

  13. NedTheDread says:

    I agree with you, that his accent is not bad at all, however you are an

  14. Silver3xterior says:

    Boatz! =)

  15. herpderpmonkey says:

    Yup, because the fact that most other countries have an average of 2-3
    languages learned per person and that a metric fuck ton of Americans only
    know English is idiotic..

  16. LureThosePixels says:

    Wrong, I’ve actually been learning German for 5 years…….. Soooooooooo

  17. Michel Behlok says:

    At 9:01 many people clap and cheer. Anyone know what conf that was coming

  18. darthspeaks says:

    Over 9,000 botnets.

  19. Salomon Smeke says:

    Know-it-all and bad at math. if you know three languages, but one splits
    into two, you know four. not five.

  20. SkavenUK says:

    Yeah! asshole who only speaks one language!!!11onetwothree /sarcasm.

  21. The0kn0ck says:

    Just want to clear on the issue about infecting computers. No computers
    have been infected in the demonstrations shown in the talk. A C&C panel was
    compromised and bot binary was updated accordingly to conduct experiments.

  22. asdfdfasadsfsdf says:

    u are showing your bots u fag. good luck in jail.

  23. asdfdfasadsfsdf says:

    yes jelly for 100 boats …… 100 boats is not even called a boatnet , but
    anyway , that’s not legal right 🙂 ? u cant say “educational purpose only”

  24. Swag internally says:

    u jelly fag?

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