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25 Responses to DEFCON 20: Can You Track Me Now? Government And Corporate Surveillance Of Mobile Geo-Location Data

  1. Dan B says:

    it’s always has to be the criminals going omg this violates my so called
    freedom and bla bla bla.

  2. REDRUM JOODEN says:

    WEISNER = JEW. yea lol, i douldnt take any advice from this 1 ;)

  3. fourwindsoh says:

    Turn off your cell phone when not using it and even put it in a container
    which prevents transmission I don’t even carry a cell phone, but not just
    because it’s a privacy issue.

  4. Question Everything says:

    Ironic that 99.999999999999999999999999999999999% of the ACLU’s
    constituents are/were RABID Obamanites.

    I’m amazed they’re even speaking out about the Surveillance Programs he
    extended and enlarged, much less the American Citizen he killed without
    Trial or Due Process of Law, as they are partly if not entirely responsible
    for it.

  5. longshotkdb says:

    “I see you…” i’m covered in dry mud sitting under a tree. =)

  6. Sam Nesbitt says:

    I would really be interested to hear a talk like this for Canada.

  7. darthspeaks says:

    How can one destroy these GPS chip’s ability to function correctly without
    the carrier knowing about it?

  8. darthspeaks says:

    Tracking phones are just a test bed to see how well it would work and how
    adamant the public is about their breech of security. If you lose here in
    pushing back these wicked men seeking your privacy and ultimately your
    freedom to move where you will without fear, they will miniaturize it and
    force everyone to ‘wear one’. This will be done through some epic and
    genius form of social engineering. They will say something like:”You are a
    terrorist if you do not disclose where you are all the time”.

  9. NedTheDread says:

    2-3 requests per second is NOTHING! A single host can easily send thousands
    of requests a second, and a botnet is hundreds or thousands of machines…
    You are clearly full of shit, or just don’t have a clue what you are
    talking about. Who did you report this “hacker” to? How could you identify
    the computer that was attacking you if he was using a botnet? If he has a
    botnet at his disposal, he surely wouldn’t be connect from his own
    computer, or be dumb enough to let your lame ass catch him!!!

  10. KaskadeHD says:

    is it possible to just live in america without paying taxes or anything.
    just living in the wild as a free man?

  11. TheCentralServices says:

    there is no fencing like geo fencing

  12. Silkfox says:

    You can physically unsolder the GPS from rest of the phones board.
    Schematics wouldn’t be hard to find. If you like electronic tinkering that
    is 🙂

  13. replaceits says:

    Now youre being hypicritical, after prejudging him and his actions by his
    name youre saying that your youtube name means nothing when he tries to do
    the samethat you did to him, youve completley missed the point.

  14. Heinrich Christiansen says:

    Well isn’t it nice that everyone can be a “big brother” at some point –
    From Law enforcement to Advertising – Yeah sure they can track you and they
    do it too. What really matters is: Are we doing anything we shouldn’t do –
    like Illegal stuff and obeying the advertising. If you are not doing
    anything illegal and you are not buying yourself poor from the advertising
    then they can’t really touch you – can they??? Personally I don’t think so.

  15. Silkfox says:

    Forgot, THen you have the tracking chip in your credit/debit card too 😛

  16. Kyle Brackin says:

    Even the most basic phones have GPS tracking thanks to federal mandate. It
    was rolled out long before smartphones existed and known as Enhanced 911

  17. Dave Gordon says:

    Not true.

  18. RC Codes says:

    surely he means his cell phone when he says tracking device

  19. Matthew emerson says:

    4TH amendment TO BE SAFE IN YOUR PERSON…. that means i can be safe no
    matter where i travel, that judge got bought and his statements toward
    illegal searches being legal is proof!! everyone party to this decision
    should all be fired!!

  20. DaKnOb says:

    Can you send me all your user name/s and pass word/s across the internet so
    I can run a check on all your accounts? You are not a criminal, you
    shouldn’t be worried. You will come out clean.

  21. KaskadeHD says:

    he should just get a basic phone instead of a smart phone. Or just delete
    his facebook or change his privacy settings? :l

  22. idonthaveanamelol1 says:

    Not true. For something as simple as dissident speech on a blog that
    mentions your name passively they can (and have) put trackers on you and
    built cases that eventually make it to the circuit courts based explicitly
    on words you didn’t write, and your travel patterns. Even if you win the
    case, you still lose because in this country, regardless of what the “law
    is” you are guilty until proven innocent.

  23. MsSndrz says:

    > launched a botnet on you. LOL, k.

  24. BlkOps says:

    Thanks for the upload

  25. ian cox says:

    i agree that this is a real problem that google /fb/and countless of other
    apps and companies profile and track for their own reasons not our ..good

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