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Speaker: MICHAEL COPPOLA SECURITY CONSULTANT AT VIRTUAL SECURITY RESEARCH Routers are the blippy switchy boxes that make up the infrastructure of networks th…

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8 Responses to DEFCON 20: Owning the Network: Adventures in Router Rootkits

  1. Mandalorx10 says:

    This is some very good work

  2. rick suurd says:

    is he on E or something? great stuff though 

  3. Hyena says:

    I can’t stand his voice, although the video seems interesting I just hate
    that voice :D, he sounds like he’s on ecstasy

  4. invader zim says:

    you would be to if youre income could be

  5. PreciousNectar says:

    This is some good work.

  6. Lars Nielsen says:

    Yet another good reason to make sure your router has a good password.

  7. LureThosePixels says:

    He sounds nervous haha

  8. Leland Flynn says:

    Interesting talk from Defcon 20. 

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