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Alicia and the SecureNinja girls continue our DEFCON 20 coverage with a lock picking lesson from Lockpicking Village. Nuclear Steve from the USA chapter of T…

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17 Responses to DEFCON 20: Secure Ninja Girls Lockpicking 101

  1. SecureNinja says:

    Locking picking with @Tooole and the SecureNinja Task Force! 

  2. AMaeTV says:

    I can’t wait to brush up on my lock picking skills again this year

  3. Uwe Kirmis says:

    Lockpicking with electric toothbrush

  4. Archer95 says:

    That guy is so distracted.. i don’t blame him tho

  5. SecureNinja says:

    Who thinks we should shoot a follow up video in LockPick Village at
    #DEFCON21 next week? #DEFCON @tooole DEFCON 20: Secure Ninja Girls
    Lockpicking 101

  6. CyberWarrior says:

    and i can rock you if you want..

  7. Steven Whiting says:

    Explained better than other vids I’ve seen that just rake all the time.

  8. Alicia Webb says:

    Awesome video!! My girls rocked those locks!

  9. theory816 says:

    Theres no way those girls will understand what they gotta do without a
    visual demonstration of the inside

  10. theory816 says:

    lol how many girls are there agian?

  11. TheVampyD says:

    Like a boss.

  12. phishintube says:

    Haha he uses the short hook for all his picking and his voice keeps
    cracking 🙂

  13. lightzaberrr says:

    Teaching people how to pick locks is bad for security of homes?? What if
    you teach it to the wrong kind of person?

  14. SecureNinjaTV says:

    Um, did you even watch the episode? Ninja Molly owned that lock.

  15. jayynecobb says:

    Defcon 21 lockpick village was super fail. So was the badge. So were 90% of
    the talks. 22 had better be good or I’ll go to Vegas when I feel like it,
    not when DEFCON happens. The greatest thing of Defcon 22 was Hackers
    Against Humanity and the Secureninja booth (great BT5 book by the way!)

  16. Alicia Webb says:

    I think the girls just had some ninja luck. But they actually did see a
    demo before hand. Lockpick village schooled them a bit first!

  17. TheRealCykey says:

    he always says “uhh…”

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