Christiaan008 asked:

Speaker: KENNETH GEERS NCIS CYBER SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT The establishment of US Cyber Command in 2010 confirmed that cyberspace is a new domain of warfare. C…

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11 Responses to DEFCON 20: The Art of Cyberwar

  1. says:

    The Art of Cyberwar -

  2. Daftpumpkins says:

    Knowing is half the battle.

  3. wazthatme Stegall says:

    black hand serbian responsible yea they where learn b4 you just start
    talking like you know every thing -_-

  4. FUG++ says:

    The guy sounds so nervous lol But good talk. thanks for sharing.

  5. Yuurekk says:

    Unplug yourself from the internet, it’ll be a better place with one less
    idiot in it.

  6. Ryan O'Malley says:

    kenneth geers you are a beautiful person i love you

  7. Mr Devil says:

    Tags: cyberwar, cyberwarfare, apt, gouvernment sponsored hacking, offensive
    reconnaissance, art of ewar, state sponsored hacking,

  8. lennyhome says:

    Never before there has been an intrument that empowers liars and shills
    like the internet.

  9. Nick Dekker says:

    good talk

  10. Christiaan008 says:

    thanks, just added the tags 🙂

  11. madtrade says:

    the dude is tripping and black hand serbian responsible for ww1 ? really ?
    /facepalm pro-tip: unplug from internet your freaking factory and voila !
    no more cyberwar bullshit from all around the world… those are the guys
    who count lame web worm as ‘daily hacking attemps’ to scare the shit out of

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