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Speaker: RICHARD THIEME THIEMEWORKS Thieme’s keynote at DEF CON 4 for a few hundred people was “Hacking as Practice for Trans-planetary Life in the 21st Cent…

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12 Responses to DEFCON 20: Twenty Years Back, Twenty Years Ahead: The Arc of DEF CON Past and Future

  1. Phil Kaufmann says:

    DEFCON 20: Twenty Years Back, Twenty Years Ahead: The Arc of DEF CON Past
    and Future

    wise words!

  2. nicholas hurley says:

    “So most humans are flocks of birds in digital cages. Hackers however see
    the implications of making the cages, create the space in which others
    live. So the question still is, which pill do you want? But the matrix has
    morphed. It’s malleable, plastic, and biological, infinitely fun to stretch
    into new shapes.

    The next twenty years … the vision of “a deranged old man, wandering
    around the con,” as someone said. But insanity, sainthood, wisdom look the
    same. The long view of distance, perspective across the years, is worth a
    million fast twitches. Combine rapid action and perspective, however …
    turn context into content … use both sides of your brain … and you’ll
    have mastery, a wild trip, and one hell of a good time.”

  3. harryman11 says:

    Awesome talk!

  4. Max Cash says:

    Great talk!!

  5. djsnakeyes says:


  6. brized says:

    28:29 – 29:03 The second Matrix movie should have explored this.

  7. switchguy00 says:

    that sounds cutting out really fucks me off

  8. pornofan99 says:

    this is fascinating

  9. Nix7c0 says:

    “Yes, you have to take the red pill, but then you have to take it again.
    It’s a daily dose, like antibiotics.”

  10. Benjamin Rood says:

    …and then some muppet takes the stage as Theime leaves. Sigh.

  11. John Connor says:

    Wow. I just cant … gee. I think exactly like this guy.

  12. Benjamin Rood says:

    Ignorance is a vice. To refuse to hear these things is horrible.

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