Preston Bennes asked:

This is an attempt at disarming the bomb challenge that was in the hardware hacking / tamper evident village at Defcon 22. The guys got through multiple trap…

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4 Responses to Defcon 22 2014 The Box Bomb challenge attempt

  1. hawk fast says:

    dont watch 10:00 lol he dont desarm it ..

  2. Xavier Mouton-Dubosc says:

    Amateurs de plaisanteries fines, de casses-têtes logiques et de nerfs : The
    Box Bomb Challenge présentée à la DefCon

  3. Nathan Mak says:

    Can someone provide commentary about each layer and what the team is trying
    to do to defeat it? It’s not clear from just video.

  4. Jonathan Colby says:

    Im Surprised they did not google search for the pinout of the chips they

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