TheBuckbull asked:

review of the new element antivirus 2011

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23 Responses to Element Antivirus 2011 Review and Test

  1. TheBuckbull says:

    @Justme45215 thanks i agree with you

  2. Justme45215 says:

    I don’t know why, but the main menu of this AV remindes me Norton 360 🙂
    P.S. nice review 😉

  3. TheBuckbull says:

    @lnternetSurfer thanks man me too

  4. lnternetSurfer says:

    wow i love the interface. I am quite disappointed with the result though. Nice review buck.

  5. CAMXposurePhoto says:

    makes me really wonder if they just design anything to make a buck on the virus scare
    THEY -referring to any and all developers…..
    just like the economy – in order to create supply- you need to make a demand- why buy something if you don’t need it
    every Windows PC should be sold with rebates toward a 5 year subscription to a A/V of your choice – and not just one.

  6. MrNoobWarrior says:

    @TheBuckbull yea im making a antivirus website its not dangerous just making it look like a rogue 🙂

  7. TheBuckbull says:

    @MrNoobWarrior well actually the interface looks very nice but not effective

  8. MrNoobWarrior says:

    looks like a rogue 😉 i could make this in vb in like 15 minutes

  9. TheBuckbull says:

    @AcylumEU thanks man its still pretty new on the market

  10. AcylumEU says:

    never heard of this AV before, haven’t seen in europe this.. nice review man 🙂

  11. NBLCKK says:

    i got this for free

  12. OcloOppo says:

    Wow you actually got a comment from the creators…holy crap!

  13. TheBuckbull says:

    @elementsoftware No problem i will be more then glad to review a new version when it comes out

  14. TheBuckbull says:

    @MrXidus thanks bro

  15. MrXidus says:

    Looks good on the outside, BAD on the inside, Good review Bucky 🙂 *Liked

  16. TheBuckbull says:

    @victorh2007 thanks a lot element really needs to work more i do like the interface reminds me of norton 360 but their zero day detection and removal abilities need a lot of improvement. thanks for watching!

  17. victorh2007 says:

    It seems to me after watching your video thar Element Antivirus 2011 deals better with prevention than with removal. When a rogue that blocks .exe files infects the PC is a big problem, I know that! It was a great review! Thanks a lot!

  18. noidea2854 says:

    nice interface, useless product =/

  19. Narutoverse13 says:

    It failed.

  20. TheBuckbull says:

    @MrManuelibarra thanks bro

  21. TheBuckbull says:

    @ahpek26 thanks a lot you are absolutely right who to blame but themselves

  22. MrManuelibarra says:

    wow nice review. it failed bad

  23. ahpek26 says:

    The first rouge was really awesome, first time seeing it LoL.

    If the software doesn’t work then obviously something is wrong and Element needs to fix it instead of condemning that the test is “not fair”.

    Anyways good review, keep’em coming.

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