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evidlinks.com In this episode of Make It Happen Mondays (from the eMarketing Vids Network at www.youtube.com Paul Colligan (of www.paulcolligan.com) examines Wireless Security, the introduction of the free program “Firesheep’ and what you can do to protect yourself from malicious attackers.

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25 Responses to Firesheep And Wifi Security – What To Do And How To Protect Yourself

  1. bryanrulz1996 says:

    what about a hotels wifi and whats the best thing i can do to protect from this

  2. HQvillas says:

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  3. francisdinha says:

    Use Shield Exchange product offered by OpenVPN

  4. eMarketingVids says:

    @secdrive They’re more expensive that the option we suggested and we have no experience with them, but thanks for the update / insight.

  5. secdrive says:

    Here is the easy-to-use solution against Firesheep: secdrive.com

  6. PhiberOptics says:

    Blah i just wanted to correct myself I didn’t mean Cain & Able is better then firefox i ment it was better then firesheep busy installing stuff on a clients computer that be firefox so i had firefox on my mind at the time I said what i said.

  7. PhiberOptics says:

    @eMarketingVids Please you don’t need to tell me anything I been War Driving for years and Firesheep is nothing compared to Cain & Able is. Firesheep will be the new script kiddie program if you ask any of the people who are going to be downloading Firesheep how it operates and what its doing they’d have no ideal how to reply. Cain & Able is way better then Firefox.

  8. eMarketingVids says:

    @PhiberOptics Security always good / never bad. However, when you’re on an open network (as too many are too often) it’s just easy easy easy to get hacked.

  9. PhiberOptics says:

    Honestly I haven’t been able test that Firesheep out but I can almost bet that thing won’t protect you very much on a WEP Network or any network that is not yours for that matter. Just because the network is “Secure” that mean people still cant hack you if you don’t run the network you cant trust it I recommend a VPN when using ANY wireless network that is not yours.

  10. eMarketingVids says:

    @FGMTmusic Sure?

  11. amritsiddham says:

    @lauriehull1 Great information dear friend….! Love and Peace
    Dr Amritjude

  12. FGMTmusic says:

    Should I make a song about this ?

  13. eMarketingVids says:

    @lauriehull1 Thanks!

  14. lauriehull1 says:

    Wow… Thanks Paul! Great info!

  15. eMarketingVids says:

    @KevinBarnesTV Your welcome.

  16. eMarketingVids says:

    @MrRyanhightower that’s the story we’re trying to push. and there are two issues here, 1) it’s easier than it’s ever been 2) you might get a new batch because it is so easy.

  17. MrRyanhightower says:

    wow great video, thanks. i knew it was possible to be hacked on a wi fi setup but didnt know people could (potentially) access my info THAT easily

  18. KevinBarnesTV says:

    Great Tip! thanks for this…

  19. eMarketingVids says:

    @daubenque This particular issue is about wifi – unsecured wifi.

  20. eMarketingVids says:

    @thecuppromos Do you have a URL?

  21. thecuppromos says:

    This is scary and I am still recovering from a frightening Halloween. I didn’t need this. But, thankfully, I am prepared with the OWOW 8G VPN stick. Be sure to check it out. It just launched!

  22. daubenque says:

    Does this only pertain to wireless transmissions or is there an equal threat to those of use who use cable networks as well. I ask because my email account seems to be a target and has been hacked 7 times and one of my web sites hacked asl well. I would like to hear about methods available to protect a direct connect network if you have any knowledge of such things.

  23. eMarketingVids says:

    @MarendaDotBiz Thanks.

  24. MarendaDotBiz says:

    great info tweeting

  25. eMarketingVids says:

    @sspence65 Awesome. Hopefully more people take things as seriously as you do. What do you do when you take the laptop out of the house?

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