karthikeyanvj asked:

follow the comments here, github.com on how to install it.. after installing .xpi extension go to /home/cluster/.mozilla/firefox/hv12fjdu.default/extensions/firesheep@codebutler.com/platform/Linux_x86-gcc3# Thanks to bassman998, get the firefox extension here.. www.mediafire.com and fix the permission.. (note: above ‘hv12fjdu.default” may change) sudo ./firesheep-backend –fix-permissions from the backend’s directory (inside the plugin’s directory in ~/.mozilla)

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12 Responses to Firesheep in linux

  1. itachisxeyes says:

    @icpope amaranthflavius gave a good answer. But you might also simply not have a wireless interface. lo is your local loop back, eth0 is the first ethernet interface and wlan0 is typically your first wireless interface.

  2. amaranthflavius says:

    @icpope in some distros like backtrack sometimes you need to activate the interfaces manually, on terminal tipe “/etc/init.d/networking start” in some new ubuntu baste distros its just “service networking start” ( i think)

  3. icpope says:

    Why do i only have (lo) and (eth0) in my interfaces list? There is no (wlan0).

  4. tejeskifly says:

    someone can help me, how can i instal this?
    If i try instal the xpi, firefox say: not compatibilite.

  5. kretenNS says:

    I install but I can not use… firefox say couldn’t get netmask for device eth0: eth0: no IPv4 address assigned


  6. psp785 says:

    I want to put this on my phone can you guys help me out

  7. elchavito92 says:

    my solution was
    #cp /usr/lib/libpcap.so.1.2 /usr/lib/lobpcap.so.0.8
    and it works for me, previusly i installed libpcap and didn’t works when i copied the file it works

  8. X4n4du says:

    @elchavito92 Yea, install libpcap…

  9. Geirunaka says:

    I love the evil little laugh you do at the end!

  10. saleeee89 says:

    hi, mine works fine 😀 but can i capture sessions over ppp0 inteface… i saw there is only eth0 and lo

  11. felipealvarez1982 says:

    the mediafire link IS NOT for the linux XPI. Fails to install

  12. elchavito92 says:

    Hi man.
    I got this error
    “# ./firesheep-backend fix-permissions
    ./firesheep-backend: error while loading shared libraries: libpcap.so.0.8: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

    Can you help me to fix it? I’m using Archlinux

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