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Firesheep is a hacking program that can steal the facebook and twitter accounts of anyone on a shared Wi-Fi connection. This video will show you how to protect yourself against that. Firesheep – Idiocy – Fireshepard – HTTPS Everywhere –

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25 Responses to FireSheep vs. Facebook

  1. sherwin4 says:

    2 people download firesheep

  2. JoshyDude15 says:

    Lmao I’m off to Starbucks!

  3. 11TechGuy says:

    im going on a plane soon… they’ll be flying and then they’ll have a hacked face book!

  4. pspheaven says:

    To EVERYONE who thinks using SSL will keep you safe your wrong… google sslstrip

  5. mundaneaccount says:

    THANKYOU. You’re the best.

  6. s705945d says:

    LOL Epic 0:41 😀

  7. concordiaawaits says:

    I wanted to be an IT expert. Well, I failed. Please laugh at me.

  8. medolin1976 says:

    scary firesheep, woahhhh! 🙂

  9. CCstormgust says:

    Ty very much for this informative video !

  10. MrKostasbou says:

    @jmanfan213 lolololol

  11. jbs4em says:

    @jmanfan213 any idiot could find it in seconds anyway so he is hardly dishing out some huge secret.

  12. jmanfan213 says:

    If you’re trying to protect yourself from firesheep, why would you give the link to firesheep? 🙁

  13. xTheDeathSaintx says:

    ……cant u just clear the cookies?

  14. macwinexpert says:

    I am quite annoyed that I made a video on Firesheep, with a clear disclaimer, and YouTube removed it 🙁 I am not even sure they have reviewed it fully, as I had a section at the end saying how to protect yourself from firesheep. YouTube even won’t tell me which community guideline it breaks.

    All in all, gutted.

    What should I do?

  15. XcomputernerdX says:

    i know someone named daniel davis…

  16. jmontineri says:

    you can also use blacksheep to see who uses firesheep on the network

  17. Habbloxian says:

    @coolk1999 I used it.

  18. Maniyac007 says:

    Tinkernut vs Nigahiga 😀

  19. neddyynet says:

    he is mostly wrong but still has the correct idea and a good video

  20. TheWilliamMaster says:

    at least i use gmail 🙂

  21. XANDERXXZ says:

    27,561 people now know how tho hack facebook thanks to gigafide. Thanks gigafide 🙂

  22. zik1zik says:

    Hi I love your channell

  23. Fulatict says:

    lol people in starbucks probably are like “WTF?”

  24. coolk1999 says:

    ok, all in all, fire sheep sucks ballz people so dont use it(:

  25. tjl1297 says:

    good thing i NEVER use the internet in public

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