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The first VOIP cyber crime ever known making Robert Moore aka MooreR from MooreR-Software.com the first ever to commit this type. Putting him at into the legend status in the computer world. Check out www.freerobert.com to support him!

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25 Responses to Hacker Arrested By FBI

  1. LeGendG4mingAimB0t says:

    @InuMS lol she gets a paper that she keeps in view what is on paper fagget

  2. jeff28kaizen1 says:

    if 1 hacker is arrested, 100 hundred more hackers come out..!

  3. ZhangyXD says:

    @Otaburanaa what do you mean?

  4. Otaburanaa says:

    First i saw at girls face cum but it dissapeared… oh wait..

  5. JamesParkersVids says:

    @InuMS It’s a very nice microphone with porn plastered on the front.

    But seriously, she’s referring to her documents.

  6. redSHIFT69 says:

    haha…hackers die die die. the fbi should of shot them in the head w.o. trial

  7. awesomeatreyu987 says:

    stupid bitch lady its voice over internet protocol not provider

  8. NikoLiberty1000 says:

    serves bitches like him right

  9. shadowpocalypse says:

    How’d he get caught?

  10. outlawstar00000 says:

    I feel like buying something from JINX right now

  11. outlawstar00000 says:

    @MrWant2Know Its a blonde reporter I was surprised she got that much right

  12. jkk1ful says:

    all join modpoppy.t35.com

  13. cilliancostigan says:

    hahah the irony in the word “JINX”

  14. qpTERRORqp says:

    Two guys in sweden was one of the first hackers. they hacked FBI and NASA
    The funny part was that they was like 17 years. but it was like 10 years ago and got arrested but no jail they got jobs to work and program anti hack system. well they didnt get jail but got like millions in fees….. owned USA. LOL

  15. kevwasdead says:

    damn if you do illegal stuff, take apart your computers dont hide it in your car -_-

  16. MrWant2Know says:

    Voice over internet provider?? Whattt?? LoL, “Protocol”

  17. Shanasvids777 says:

    @REvertToIslam1 LOL

  18. THEcoolDUDE1721 says:

    Can u be arrested for hacking accounts
    or chats on xat .com ?

  19. natzuza says:

    @ShinyHunterBWord I know, right! How stupid are these people…?

  20. ShinyHunterBWord says:

    To all the dumb-asses who think she’s looking at her mic, she’s not. She’s looking at the story, which is on a piece of paper. She didn’t have the story memorized, and she was probably pretty new to the channel.

  21. vidmaster4life says:


  22. tweetyaja says:

    If you too young, and dont want to imprisoned you must follow this regulations:
    -No FBI information hacking
    -Dont download FBI files, Downloading FBI files is stealing!

    Failure to follow these regulation will result in serious punishment okay?

  23. AForkSpoon says:

    Typical hacker, really nerdy and skinny….

  24. kelsett says:

    @H33LIFE Nope, huge number of noobs in their team lol, nobody knows them

  25. H33LIFE says:

    and nobody know h3life?

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