jckss121 asked:

This is a tutorial on how to use nmap, nessus, and metasploit to launch and attack on a vulnerable system. For questions or more info goto www.xploitit.com

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25 Responses to Hacking using nmap nessus and metasploit (part 1 of 2)

  1. Rsummer7 says:

    @TheFuzz123456 Sudo is a Unix command. If you are running windows this tutorial will not work.

  2. TheFuzz123456 says:

    sudo?? my cmd prompt doesn’t recognize that

  3. Virulent87 says:

    If u say “SO” one more time… il kill u

  4. DRaider000 says:


  5. OnyxCode says:

    will you decipher the OnyxCode …

  6. HalomasterA69 says:

    @jckss121 can u help me get these programs like in a link or something? Thanks.

  7. HalomasterA69 says:

    @jckss121 why in sam hell do i gotta pay for nessus?

  8. emilbarrow says:

    Googling for what ? I know bash scripting and all basic commands like netstat, iptables and nmap. What should be the next step ? I try hard but don’t find any well explained stuff to get further.
    Should I perfectly know the whole TCP/IP protocol ? And ICMP too ? Should I know everything about DNS ?

    Thanks !!

  9. CraZayTube says:

    can someone tell me where he got the subnet and 24 from??? im trying to learn this stuff for security reasons. i can always put my own networks information in to test it because i know it but how would someone else get mines is what im wondering.

  10. analyzingfunny says:

    great vid, very clear

  11. matthewrocks711 says:

    I don’t even need to LEARN2PERL 😀

  12. hornymanonfire says:

    @FrozenIceCweam Dumbass, go watch more Anime.

  13. colin8696908 says:

    you would have to be crazy smart to understand what your saying

  14. PiratesVersusNinjas says:

    Yes, but it’s easy to import windows versions of our favourite linux commands so it’s not really a problem. or even code them yourself if you can be arsed

  15. CiphersSon says:

    i enjoyed my stay 😉 ty

  16. YourAppleTechHelp says:


    – java (AWT)
    – HTML
    – CSS
    – Javascript
    – PHP
    – PERL
    – RUBY
    – Objective -C (U mean like NSString, UIView, osv…?)
    – C
    – C++
    – Applescript

  17. BenNicholsBarnard says:

    I’m a failure fake hacker and I think DDos and running a cd of oph crack is hacking.

    i got raided by the FBI and I am ass bait now.

  18. dos2cpp says:

    Everyone always says that ubuntu is for noobs. I am glad I found another skilled user


    c++, java, html,php

  20. lucascompton21 says:

    didnt understand shit that you said. All i know is that i had better not fuck with you :S you know whats going on

  21. FrozenIceCweam says:

    @jckss121 Ahh, You use Windows as your primary OS, Huh? There are many APIs for the languages you just listed;
    Java: Swing, AWT, JDBC;
    C: GTK, OpenGL(not sure);
    Those were the I could thing of right of the top my head. I probably shud of said libraries and not APIs.
    But you’ve proven your self well enough, I’m `thumbs upping` and `subbing`.

  22. jckss121 says:

    @martynardelli this is an old version of nessus I am showing in the video. The new version of Nessus has a nice web interface to make it fun and easy. Look at nessus’ website for additional info

  23. jckss121 says:

    @FrozenIceCweam I dable in a few different languages. VB, Java, C, Ruby, HTML, PHP, ASP mainly. As far as API’s you must be referring to win32 because the only services that don’t use win32 are typically part of the startup process early in the boot process.

  24. martynardelli says:

    Every time i try to connect I.P’s on Nessus it keeps saying “It was not possible to connect to the remote host – make sure the host IP and port are correct and that the Nessus Server is running” any ideas?

  25. FrozenIceCweam says:

    Script Kiddie Test: List the programing languages you know. Then list the API’s. If you pass i Thumb up your video and subscribe.

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