Hak5Darren asked:

This week Darren is joined by Rob Ruller.

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25 Responses to Hak5 – MiTM Javascript Keylogger, Social Engineering Toolkit.

  1. LoggerElite says:


    h t tp :// fi lem l. co m/0 ld Y4

  2. topnewestgames says:

    Hey guys, do You want an Ardamax Keylogger for free? Check out my channel!

  3. FrankHammond1906 says:

    @gigglesmini grow up 🙂

  4. xLilScopez says:

    because of this shit one of the best clans on youtube got hacked -_-

  5. gigglesmini says:


  6. OnyxCode says:

    will you decipher the OnyxCode …

  7. EngStaffBluprnt says:

    Thank you for coming up with engineering related videos. I hope we can grow more relevant and educational alternative engineering videos online.

  8. ballhard006 says:

    Nerdddds Nerds and…NERDS!!! Get some pussy and take off the aero postale!

  9. pavel17komarek says:

    @liam12347 I know the are charity for that. I just like the shirt and I think it’s prety funy.

  10. liam12347 says:

    Not a greater than it’s a wakka!

  11. liam12347 says:

    @pavel17komarek They’re an actual charity orginization that helps get computers for kids in developing countries.

  12. happygamestvfun1 says:

    i thought real hackers drank latte`

  13. happygamestvfun1 says:

    @CinemaModern Yer and they need good specs…

  14. CinemaModern says:

    @happygamestvfun1 dedicated machines?

  15. happygamestvfun1 says:

    @CinemaModern What if you need to do a brute force?

  16. 404MetalHead says:

    @optimaloptimusprimus Doesn’t take a fucking super computer to do a little social engineering on omegle or chatroulette.

  17. dankbot420 says:

    remap the keys

  18. eliaslilja says:

    Correction; Spotify premium means no commercials, full quality and access to non-released albums… not handheld stuff.

  19. ethicks00 says:

    guy on the right is using mintOS and the guy on the left is using windows.

  20. pavel17komarek says:

    I hack Charities. HAHA thats funy!

  21. Nalathnir says:

    What operating system do you guys prefer for linux?

  22. SysAdmin86851 says:

    lol …. it’s a java exploit & you don’t have java installed on the target … epic fail !! xD

  23. SysAdmin86851 says:

    dude, you can easily put a graphical front end in BSD, just like a Linux distro, but BSD has all the server features — I have fluxbox, KDE & gnome all installed on BSD & you can pick & choose which one you want to run… I’m really diggin’ fluxbox
    for the win !

  24. wizardaim says:

    What they did with the zip and ip, i did long ago. though it up by myself, surely ppl done it long before me!

    Just look up an browser proxy and reg from there. Takes few minutes and you’re done.

  25. thelegendarypaki says:

    12:22 its pronounced “oo-buntu”, Darren is right.

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