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This video tutorial shows you ways of restoring files four different ways. I do not claim this video to be the ultimate way to restore files. These are just suggestions. If you know of better methods, please leave a comment with the suggested method. Listed below are the four different ways and the programs needed. 1. Restoring files that have been deleted -Program required: Restoration – 2. Restoring files from damaged CD/DVD’s -Program required: CD Toolbox – 3. Restoring files from formatted hard drives -Program requred: PhotoRec – 4. Restoring files from unbootable hard drives -Program required: BartsPE – -Alternate program: Ubuntu –

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25 Responses to How To Restore Deleted Files

  1. travistytube says:

    Did all that and NOTHING WORKED.
    Got all the same problems everyone else got.
    The only thing I think I got was a virus out of the whole deal.
    Anything that was in picture format is 100% unrecoverable and fucked.
    Followed this guide 17 times and not a god damn thing changed.
    You have to buy police software online Legally to be able to recover
    anything that made it into the desktop bin I think.
    Who the fuck knows.
    All I know is this shit didn’t work.

  2. MegaMnguyen says:

    god bless you nerds !

  3. AlexG4mepl4Y says:

    The damn files won’t show up.. didnt work.. 🙁

  4. BopZ61191 says:

    I just accidentally deleted some pictures about 2 hours ago, but i cannot see a trace of it on restoration… can anyone help?

  5. Nassif9000 says:

    why doesnt restoration give me any of my files? it just gives me temporary crap

  6. dudes764 says:

    @MsCejohnson if you are in windows 7 you need to right click and click “Run as Administrator” and that should help..:)

  7. MsCejohnson says:

    Ahh, I need help. It wont let me search the deleted files and it keeps asking me to sign in as an administrator, but I already am. Idk what to do. :c

  8. t1nyt0m098 says:

    Hello, I have restored some deleted files with file names such as $IH6DPIB and windows can’t read them, please help!

  9. G4nJa4LiFe says:

    thanks it good.

  10. aloneya says:


  11. dejon9m says:

    thanks for the video!

  12. TheMovieLinker says:


    I assume yours is an HP computer, if that’s the case, go to and enter your computer model/serial number and download the appropriate driver.

    The drivers can also be found in swsetup within the windows.old directory, the only problem is that it doesn’t tell you which driver is which, but you can try executing one driver at a time and see if you can find the one you’re looking for.

  13. JDrosa1982 says:

    i deleted windows registry and key programs now i can bearly get onine in safe mode only. help.

  14. Thebigbambeano says:

    ok so i just did a clean install of windows 7 b/c i had to and some of the programs that came with my computer are gone but their still in windows.old , i have physical volume/pause/skip/play buttons on the outside of my computer and now they don’t work, how could i get the buttons(quicklaunchbuttons) to work again from the old files in windows.old

  15. 47lionking says:

    i deleted porn pages. now i can get it back!

  16. biffyboypro says:

    I deleted fraps footage that i needed.. it doesnt show up when you search the name of it FUCK!

  17. bonhill83 says:

    Thank you SO much for this video, I think you just saved my sanity…

  18. gamertvv says:

    @XComPointer Right click and click on run as administrator

  19. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    Um, “no files were found”?

  20. pmfitz06 says:

    I am attempting to recover Office Documents, but when i restore them I am unable to open them again, any advice? This is not a run as admin problem either.

  21. TommyTrueLuvForever says:

    Thanks man!!!

  22. DaveTheJammer says:


  23. desolat3 says:

    I accidentally system32… can i please back?

  24. anonimosfonias says:

    retarded bastards… the guide is fucking working guys ! you dont have a fucking idea from laptops/pc

  25. wotererio says:

    I deleted some videos which were located in C:\Fraps
    I put them in my recylce bin and deleted them.
    Is there any way to get those back? This happened like 2 hours ago.

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