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Wireshark is a famous protocol analyzer, get to know it and you’ll be an expert in networking in no time! I promise! ๐Ÿ™‚

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25 Responses to Introduction to Wireshark: howto #3

  1. shahidbashir7861 says:

    thanks bro … its was great watching this video … and your accent in some way will help to remember things what you said … thanks again …

  2. vijays7788 says:

    hey hey brother… thanks thanks thanks… u r awesome man.. u r just awesome… fuck off al who goes by ur language and not by ur talent… jus keep going brother.. jus keep doin good things…. don bother about d fucking people who speaks shit abt ur language or culture… U R BEST>> JUST>> AWESOME>>> thanks for teaching me… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. RoshTheKing says:

    can you tell me how to dump file with a specific protocol like get requests?

  4. numbahwhun says:

    i’m from america and i understand perfectly and learned more from you than all others on here

  5. pstcontrl says:

    Excellent job Hakim. I like your teaching method and selection of topics. Very useful and a must know for any self-respecting sys admin or security analyst.
    Thanks brother.

  6. karipireddy says:

    Your english is very clear and content is most worthable

  7. karipireddy says:

    Great job dude!!! great video for beginners who wants to learn wireshark

  8. gizmo496 says:

    it is boring shoul me how i sniffing password from admin

  9. ChloeSan22 says:

    these tutorials help me understand more on packets.. thanks a lot man. great job..

  10. majordomo09 says:

    Good job! Thank you very much

  11. oviplay says:

    hello, I have a question can hackear wifi wireshark software

  12. morketh says:

    What program do you use to record what you are doing?

  13. IbraHimself says:

    People like sverdloff just piss me off. Just a total lack of respect.

  14. IbraHimself says:

    Thank you for your explanation once again! Just a small comment about the lad who told you to learn some English. I believe your English is excellent. Ok so your pronounciation isn’t tops, but the lessons you give us are very clear! I learned a lot after watching your video’s and that’s what it’s all about.

  15. petradog409 says:

    Thank you for teaching me

  16. vvuk says:

    My professor was trying to explain us protocols but it didn’t work so well like in this video. Good job

  17. arnesottolo says:

    Nice tutorial! Now i’ll see your others videos! ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. darijo203 says:

    I understand your English perfectly!

  19. egaia says:

    Thanks fot your video my friend! Youยดve help me a lot to explore this wonderful tool!
    Add it to my favorits.

  20. Wetenschap says:

    Ooh I forgot to rate your video ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. youhakim says:

    Thank you for your comment, message and email, sure I will send you a reply but not because you are from Morocco but because that’s what I do when someone sends me a message asking a question or just to say hello no matter where he or she is from!
    I sincerly regret the reply to the “LEARN ENGLISH! damn” comment! I was in a bad mood when I read it!
    anyway! Thank you again and thanks to all who commented one or more of my videos!

  22. Wetenschap says:

    Salam alikoum my brother!

    Wow you are very good my friend. Some people just don’t understand that you speak Arabic, Frenche and English! You speak very good English, just some stupid guys got used to listen to Britney Spears talking.

    I have posted you a messagge, I hope you will react on it. I’ll check my mailbox everyday, because I’m form Morocco too!

  23. iceCalt says:

    Very nice tutorial, I’m understanding now more about it. Your accent is pretty nice =)

  24. iceCalt says:

    Very nice tutorial, I’m understanding now more about it. Your accent is pretty nice =)

  25. iceCalt says:

    Very nice tutorial, I’m understanding now more about it. Your accent is pretty nice =)

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