dookie2000ca asked:

Setting up and running Karmetasploit on backtrack 4

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6 Responses to Karmetasploit on backtrack4

  1. 3Copson25Doughnuts says:

    @AiDz0r and another thing you dont need karmetasploit if you have backtrack look in the fasttrack section it will do the same thing as karmetasploit

  2. 3Copson25Doughnuts says:

    @AiDz0r here is the base concept: what happens is you browse through port 80 and karmetasploit sets up a server for bruteforcing exploits on port 80 so now that thats set up all you have to do is get him to connect to you on port 80 so you create a honeypot (a network that appears to be his but is really your own trap) after he connects to you thinking he is on his own home network decides to load up internet explorer which is on port 80, and karmetasploit goes to work.

  3. AiDz0r says:

    i didn’t get it, is this some how ratting on text based using bakctrack 4 ? can someone explain briefly, how this concept works, its just not understandable,

    does the victim has to execute a file? or once you crack the wireless, you could just sniff the packages?

  4. Doomsday704 says:

    would be fun in the middle of a crouded rich asshole hangout

  5. xsploitedsecurity says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the AP spoofing concept. 🙂 Wonderful.

  6. Grantwad says:

    nicely done!

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