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This video shows a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet running a very alpha version of a penetration testing version of the Mer distribution that I’ve called Backhand2. The Mer distribution itself is unfinished, so this is even further behind. There are a lot of cuts in the video to remove my typing and some of the load times, sorry about that. I will load a better video when these things are improved. The tools that are shown in this video are: wireshark – packet capture util nmap – port scanner btscanner – bluetooth auditing tool kismet – wireless auditing tool (no GPS as yet) airmon-ng – part of the aircrack suite. Partially works ettercap – sniffer / capture tool msfconsole – metasploit3 & metasploit2 work. msfweb works too, but is not shown.

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15 Responses to N810 & Backhand 2, my handheld penetration testing companion

  1. zitstif says:

    Dan, would you mind giving us a few links that pertain to how you setup your nokia n810 to dual boot with Mer?

  2. danmiddle2 says:

    I have sent you a message with an update in it.

  3. ch99onpsp says:

    what happened with you

  4. danmiddle2 says:

    My N900 finally arrived last week, so I am now working on it. I will post a link on here as soon as I have anything ready to test. At the moment it’s not booting at all πŸ™ but it will.

  5. ch99onpsp says:

    i buy n900 it’s nice phone
    i bout it for this πŸ˜€
    anything you won’t me to test on my phone just tell me to help you
    sorry for my english
    thanks πŸ˜€

  6. ch99onpsp says:

    ok i will by the n900 with you and aim waiting for it thanks πŸ˜€

  7. danmiddle2 says:

    I am afraid I haven’t released anything as yet. Waiting on ,my N900 to arrive, then I’ll get it sorted and out.

  8. ch99onpsp says:

    i wont the Backhand 2
    where can i get it pleas

  9. ifgrfc says:

    Hmmmm, thanks for answer!

  10. danmiddle2 says:

    Thanks for your comment, but itΕ› not Maemo, itΕ› Backhand (based on Mer)… and I compiled Wireshark from source after applying a few patches.

  11. ifgrfc says:

    Where did you get wireshark for N810/Maemo?

  12. danmiddle2 says:

    I haven’t released anything as yet. I am waiting on my new N900’s to arrive as it’s all really better suited to that. Although it looks good in the video, fundamentally the N810 is just that little bit short of processing grunt to handle everything as quickly as I would like. The N900 is better, and I will release something very shortly after it’s release.

    As for other tools… as the name would suggest, I am hoping to eventually port most of the penetration tools that are included in BackTrack

  13. npovoa says:

    this is awesome. is there a pubic version somewhere? I cant seem to find it.

    What other pentesting tools have you loaded into it?

  14. danmiddle2 says:

    Penetration testing is the term used for legitimate computer cracking / hacking. I work as an IT security consultant, so having key hacking applications in my pocket to assess the security of my customers systems is extremely useful.

    Mer itself can be a complete replacement to maemo, yes. Personally, I have it dual booting between maemo on the internal memory and my Mer based system is on my SD card.

  15. kumquatsta says:

    interesting, but i don’t know what i am watching. what is “penetration testing.” have you completely overwritten maemo in the n810?

    is mer a replacement for maemo? what will it offer in comparison to maemo?

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