Network Surveillance can be as simple as configuring and deploying a small computer on your company infrastructure to survey any incoming threats to your company network.

Small to large corporations need to start investing in Network Security, the main reason being “Brand Reputation”.

Most online companies keep all their customers records online on 1 Database, a black hat hacker could use a multitude of exploits to compromise your companies website and steal all your customers e-mails, usernames, passwords, credit cards, date of birth etc…

Black Hat Hackers will then use this information in a multitude of ways, spamming your customers, using your clients credit card information etc..

Insurance companies in most cases will not ensure you for non-physical goods and you could be putting yourself in harms way by the Canadian Legal System.

Below are some simple changes I would highly recommend:


Virtual Surveillance:

– Install a Network Monitoring application which has the capability of e-mailing your employee’s and yourself on any security threats. There are a multitude of free NMS available but if you run a larger corporation I would highly recommend a product suite from IBM “Netcool” or Computer Associates “SPECTRUM”.

– Install a Honey Pot, a honey pot is a “fake” server which allows black hat hackers which are scanning your network to start hacking this virtual fake server. The black hat hacker will spend his time trying to hack a server which is not even used and it will allow you to know that someone is trying to penetrate your network.

– Install an Intrusion Detection System, IDS for short. There are a multitude of free IDS’s but I highly recommend SNORT. An Intrusion Detection System will advise you of anyone trying to compromise your company network by utilizing a multitude of rule sets and will even block the attackers Internet Protocol “IP” for a specified time period.

Physical Surveillance

– Install RFID Chip Reader on all Doors.

– Install Retna Scanners and Finger Print readers.

– Install a centralized Radius and/or LDAP server and tighten your employee security by only allowing them access to certain parts of your Network.

Written by Michael@Hack3Rs


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