wnt963 asked:

How to hack and know the operating system your neighbor has. nmap: www.insecure.org I was feeling bad so thats why my voice was kinda bad

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24 Responses to nmap Hacking 1

  1. Sherm60 says:

    WTF is this dude talking, he not telling us what he’s trying to do, he just sayin wat he typing

  2. wnt963 says:

    @jovaha or you are in his/her private network

  3. jovaha says:

    lol 0:05 an os don’t use your roommate or neighbor. and I am not shore why your neighbor would be on you’re private network except if hi is stealing your wifi

  4. Pharmaman100 says:

    can you tell me where can i learn the commands for nmap ?

  5. netcip says:

    Aaaa bbbb…

  6. 825ilias says:

    salam mualikom very gog!!!!

  7. MarcianitoRajoy says:

    No way, it is for another person’s computer. But thank you, I will use iftop for me (already testing it and looks great) and search it exists a version for MacOSX

  8. W4rr10rPrime says:

    @MarcianitoRajoy try “iftop”, not sure if you can install it on mac OSX, but it works good for linux systems. 😀
    its a command line tool. “sudo iftop -np -i wlan0 -B” thats for linux. you could always format your HDD, and install linux. 😛

  9. MarcianitoRajoy says:

    I’m looking for a simple program, for MacOS, X to monitor or to have a snapshot of the computers connected to the LAN and their network level of activity. Do you any?

  10. vitorix24 says:

    @W4rr10rPrime ahaha x)

  11. W4rr10rPrime says:

    @vitorix24 I have mad respect for you for this. 😀

  12. flasher555 says:


  13. poopcastmovi says:

    @wabr1984 operating system

  14. wabr1984 says:

    What is OS????

  15. OnyxCode says:

    will you decipher the OnyxCode …

  16. vitorix24 says:

    debian, slackwave, ubuntu=i prefer this OS. And MAC OS x is the worst OS i had. Before WinVista 😉

  17. blacksiddis says:

    omg u r pr0 hax0r

  18. ninjaofmadness says:

    @wnt963 Okay thanks

  19. wnt963 says:

    @ninjaofmadness insecure.org and nmap.org are the same sites

  20. ninjaofmadness says:

    Which is the real sight? nmap org or this one?? plz helpp

  21. AiDz0r says:

    you got a lop to learn.

  22. colin8696908 says:

    never followed up but after you scan you want to use metasploit to hack the system.

  23. teknic111 says:

    @wnt963 How is it better on the command line?

  24. wnt963 says:

    @demonic908 wtf what?

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