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Netdefense offers beginners and advanced Penetration Test Training Courses and Certified Ethical Hacker Training Courses (CEH) in the UK and worldwide

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25 Responses to Penetration Test Training Example 1

  1. ilikepiecuzitspie says:

    Thumbs up if you were thinking of a different type of penetration.

  2. Inqontrool says:

    great guide 🙂 thx

  3. tcpsolid says:

    @izurikani decease means to stop or halt ” Cease and desist ” deceased means dead

  4. Inzolity says:

    @afk218 that is exactly what i was thinking, liked and favorited 🙂

  5. timrapids75 says:

    does anyone know the program that allows his wallpaper to change with any shell prompts he has up?

  6. afk218 says:

    wow perfect video!

  7. thatguywithnoname says:

    @osiris1503 He’s using backtrack…

  8. izurikani says:

    @jhonnyboy2050 Penetration testing is to help people you stupid bastard. And decease? WTH?

  9. PreySim says:

    i want a hole to do a penetration

  10. bloodkaiser360 says:

    hehe penetration d:

  11. Carto0n7 says:


  12. Evania7092 says:

    I think lady gaga is amazin and she is the best singer ever – Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M –

  13. Gh0StSecurity says:

    drive by download? technical specifications please

  14. osiris1503 says:

    @coursefox what operating system are you using, and what kind of attack is that? is that what they do in zombie computer? thanks

  15. genxdarkangel says:

    You suck.

  16. WatchVigilanteHack says:

    meet a file

  17. grewal1444 says:

    sale chutiye dhang ki vidio nahi daal sakta tha sale totle

  18. eadeneto says:


  19. crea8or says:

    sounds lunatic

  20. richy122333 says:

    are you using FreeBSD? i no hes got linux in a vmware but i mean ur real OS

  21. yampolskiy says:

    great demonstration. !

  22. crustog11 says:


  23. jjtheclown says:

    I am not quite sure what you are asking but he is using a linux disto called Back track…hopefully that helps. sorry if it doesn’t

  24. rockykris says:

    r u using any kinda tool lik metasploit , core impact or immunity canvas to run the exploit or is it a plain exploit
    coudnt figure that out plz let me know

  25. octechxx says:

    can’t see the text- would love to know what your writing since i can’t see whats going on from 2.05-2.45
    what are you typing after win32

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