AkumaRyu27 asked:

Sony PSN Security Update, we are closing in on the rise of the PSN, close your eyes n cross your fingers guys, one more day maybe two, so they say… AkumaRyu27’s webcam video May 2, 2011 01:43 PM

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13 Responses to PSN/Playstation Network Security Update May 2, 2011

  1. AkumaRyu27 says:

    @deathjoker666 I know, i agree, its just harsh is all, but ur very right sir, they need to just come clean, asap

  2. deathjoker666 says:

    @AkumaRyu27 sony doesn’t know anything what happened it seems like. they keep users in the dark until they feel like it. example the soe issue now. what late april? that could mean the same time around the psn issue. sony should stop withholding info and release it day of incident. users are already fuming from the lack of info from the hack on the psn. what more does sony want? more hatred towards them?

  3. AkumaRyu27 says:

    @PS3Gam3sCINEMA i think it was 77 million but 10.4 or 6 i cant remember were at risk, they then said that 2.2 where at risk…the numbers n info is always changing..i think i said it right? its in one of my other videos..

  4. AkumaRyu27 says:

    @ze0ed ok great man, glad i could help

  5. PS3Gam3sCINEMA says:

    u mean 70million

  6. AkumaRyu27 says:

    @deathjoker666 that is good, i must do the same as well…

  7. deathjoker666 says:

    i changed the password to my email already. but the password which i know is different then the psn login password since i have to recover it when ever the psn is back up.

  8. ze0ed says:

    @AkumaRyu27 its clearer now. 10x

  9. AkumaRyu27 says:

    @yokai1968 hhahah, thanku bro, i got for cheap, n luvd the way it lookd…but im an alcoholic so i could really use one as well right now, but i gotta run first, then when im done maybe, damn its hot bro

  10. yokai1968 says:

    nice cap! Puts me in the mood for a nice cool Guinness!

  11. AkumaRyu27 says:

    @ze0ed alright, what is ur question sir? I will anwser it as best as i can? your asking about PSN+ Im assuming? we will all get one free month n a few free downloads…

  12. ze0ed says:

    wat about the 30 days of free things? i didnt get it..

  13. AkumaRyu27 says:

    Thank you Ladies and Gentleman

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