ChRiStIaAn008 asked:

Credits go out to PureH@te Short demo using the passthrough option of pyrit which eliminates the need for giant tables taking up all your hard drive space

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10 Responses to Pyrit demonstration (GPU cracking)

  1. OoShinkooO says:

    @cyberjackcyberjack Nice! I just got it the cal++ version of pyrit running on dual 5770’s.. I’m killing 60k PMK’s without even checking for the best version available….

  2. cyberjackcyberjack says:

    @OoShinkooO Yes you can use “other” computers on the network (also running Backtrack 4 with the “pyrit serve command”) i have 4 servers now running at around 10,000 PMK’s each

  3. OoShinkooO says:

    @cyberjackcyberjack I don’t know if this was stated, but I believe in 0.3.0 If you type in pyrit list_cores there is a network core in there so you can distribute and cloud compute on it.

  4. littlerobots says:

    @123hollabit Learn to English :L

  5. cyberjackcyberjack says:

    am getting a “nvidia geforce 8400 gs” witch is Cuda / Pyrit compatable, i wonderd what PMK rate should i exspcect ? (currantly running a core 2 duo 2ghz only, at arounf 2000 pmks)

  6. xasdrubalex says:

    ahahahahahahah the best part are bad brains as soundtrack!

  7. Zermelo says:

    Nice speed 40,000 pps. What kind of GPU? I’m assuming dual 295gtx. I get 24,000 with a single 295gtx.

    @noobaday, you are correct, except now pyrit incorporates cowpatty code to crack, so no passthrough is necessary.

  8. 123hollabit says:

    What if the wpa-psk is not in wordlist, how backtrack can figure out. Like me pass is not in list; back track come out with different pass. How to make backtrack work perfect?

  9. noobaday says:

    so pyrid coverts the passphases into hashes on the spot, then shoots it to cowpatty? please correct me if im wrong.

  10. cyberjackcyberjack says:

    can i use Pyrit to distribute the load to 2 or 3 outher pc’s

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