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18 Responses to Remove Vista Internet Security 2012 (Virus Manual Removal Guide)

  1. PrincessLeia91 says:

    cant remove process. access is denied. im gonna kill the motherfucker who did this

  2. chisel291 says:

    Below worked for me. Start computer in safe mode, f8 upon start-up. Click on safe mode with networking, will take a while to boot up. Open browser and download malwarebytes. Once installed, run full scan in safe more and it will remove this complete BS program.

  3. Yaaaaaahh says:

    This once is stronger this time, it followed me to safe mode

  4. PaulyMidget says:

    It’ll be any random 3 letters followed by “.exe”. Mine, for example, was “mhf.exe”. Most likely, it’s the process with 3 random non-capitalized letters followed by “.exe”. There shouldn’t be many of you that have more than one of those 😉

  5. robsmors says:

    i found 2 processes with 3 leters followed by .exe =/

  6. Danielandjasmineshow says:

    @robsmors it should be 3 leters and .exe at the end EXAMPLE : qwe.exe

  7. robsmors says:

    how do you know chich process is the virus? =/

  8. Danielandjasmineshow says:

    @mmahanor oh and also my exe thing says jjy.exe *32 is that normal ? im pretty sure this is the process

  9. Danielandjasmineshow says:

    @mmahanor other sites say open notepad and type words that they provide for u but i cant even open notepads or the commands application on my computer

  10. Danielandjasmineshow says:

    @mmahanor hi this kinda helped but it still doesn’t go away, when u mean open in folder do u mean open file location or create dump file, and if i may ask where did u find this out ? ( if i can read the article u got it from if u did), this virus really sucks i can t open any of my web browsers such as firefox and aol, i am using my laptop for now to see how to take of the virus from my desktop computer.

  11. mmahanor says:

    oh, and also then go into the recycling bin and permanantly delete it. The virus may or may not come back to life when you restart your computer, but you can just redo these steps, it only takes a whopping three minutes. So its good, but im still looking for a way that works for me where it goes away for good, ill post back if i find one, but i hope i helped and if it worked for you then have fun on your computer, as far as i know everything works after you delete it.

  12. mmahanor says:

    ya, i have no clue how to follow this video, but i did find that you can temporarily disable the virus by running the task manager, click on the process tab, and if you know the three letter name of the virus (mine is vab.exe, but yours may be any three letters followed by exe), find it, right click, view in folder. Keep the folder open. Then left click on it while in the task manager and then click end process. Then go back to the file that you opened to see the virus. Right click and delete.

  13. killsyou99 says:

    wtf this gay music is not helping us at all

  14. cpintegerty123 says:

    If you can’t open anything, open it as adminstrator, and go to Task Manager, (If Task Manager isn;t open, your screwed) and Go to ovc.exe, right click, and put end process tree.

  15. Markofame says:

    I can’t open anything at all not even cLculator

  16. Fiddeluns says:

    I can’t open regedit

  17. hilogurliee says:

    Ummm why don’t u say wat to do not just show us wat ur doing? Or write the steps in the description because I don’t understand this much sorry, please helppp

  18. nikosmagd21 says:

    i need help with this

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