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Linux Journal’s Shawn Powers demonstrates the nmap tool.

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17 Responses to Scanning Your Network with nmap

  1. t4kerz says:

    why are people arguing over operating systems? ill use OpenBSD for servers that’s for sure but for multimedia gaming porn cant go wrong with win 7 they are both good.

  2. t4kerz says:

    why are people arguing over operating systems? ill use OpenBSD for servers that’s for sure but for multimedia gaming porn cant go wrong with win 7 they are both good.

  3. OnyxCode says:

    will you decipher the OnyxCode …

  4. Tajteee says:

    @LikeATox I have to tell you, that linux is an open source OS. It’s mainly for programmers and not for avarage users. Still if someone would like to run it, they can. If you want to move to linux, either you will learn the live with the command line, or get back to your windows where you can play with your games. Also, if you want to change these things, then you can do it, since its open.

  5. MetalShreader says:

    @LikeATox how dare you..

  6. axel1973w says:

    your comment just proofs that you are one of those sub average puter “users” with no skills and no knowledge. poor you…

  7. LikeATox says:

    Man, get out of the cave… Go to Microsoft site and download Windows 7 RC for free. You bitcing about Microsoft because you never tried Vista of Win7… I tried Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora… and man that linux really sucks, even laptop intel wireless card you must install with command line… Sure you can use linux for servers, but that is maybe 1% of overall usage and for average user linux sucks.

  8. axel1973w says:

    lol. The one who is behind is you my friend! Since if you realy where a “PRO” Poweruser or a real Admin you would already know that meanwhile Microsuck included afterwards new and even more powerfull COMMAND LINE INTERFACES to ANY of their OS Products line XP, VISTA, Windouche7 , Server 2003, Server 2008 . YOU are SOOOO lame Dude… Real Power is at the Console, not by pushing around your Mouse or touching filthy lil displays. Even on Microslut OSes.

  9. Flogzwe says:

    Actually, it is called a shell and it is more like 70’s. Another thing you don’t know is that Microsoft created similar tool called PowerShell, because many professional users of 21st century can’t live without Linux-like “command line”.

  10. LikeATox says:

    That linux command line is so 1990… better to get some OS from 21st century like Vista or Windows 7 soon.

  11. axel1973w says:

    BEWARE! MAKE SURE YOU ONLY USE NMAP AGAINST YOUR OWN SYSTEMS/PUTERS/NETWORKS OR SYSTEMS YOU ARE OFFICIALY ALLOWED OR ORDERED TO USE AGAINST! nmap is a powerfull administration (hacking) tool. There are countries where using nmap or similar tools unauthorized is a crime !!! Probing others Computers like that can easily detected and logged! Make sure you know what u are doing and where you point that thing! 🙂 happy hacking!

  12. bng44270 says:

    nice, I didn’t know you could check what hosts are available on your network.

  13. RandomNinjaOfEvil says:

    nmap is awesome
    try: sudo nmap -PN -P0 -sS -n -T4 [IPRANGE] -p[port]
    to quickly find out what computers have the specified [ports open.
    Endless fun!

  14. trunkboy says:

    Thanks! I enjoy doing the videos. Some are more techie than others — but I try to think of things *I’d* enjoy seeing in a Linux video. Some times you can see my taste is a bit… odd. 😉

  15. Zamnatou says:

    well, then your actual desktop looks cooler than the virtual machine 😉 btw. I love the linux journal, everyday something nice to watch, thanks for it!

  16. trunkboy says:

    I’m using my little Acer Aspire One this week, as I’m away at camp. So instead of a virtual machine — you see my actual desktop. 😀

  17. Zamnatou says:

    is this done on another computer, or do you have new skin (or whatever you call that) ?

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