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The Canadian government has confirmed that its computer systems have fallen victim to what they call “significant” cyber attacks. Hackers using China-based servers reportedly broke into computer systems at key Canadian ministries last month. And now authorities say more protection measures are needed. Al Jazeera’s Imtiaz Tyab reports.

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25 Responses to ‘Significant’ cyber attack on Canada linked to China

  1. yomamasapeach says:

    @jijed2 He is a pointless piece of shit. Most of Canada didn’t even vote for him. We instead voted for the left parties who want to make canada a better place. This turd is a piece of shit. You do know that Canada has legalized pot and prostitution now. That was made by our really liberal judicial system. So far, Canada is as happy as a sloth. Canada and Netherlands are great partners.

  2. jijed2 says:

    you didnt do anythign for me i dont owe canadians shit my people also fought and died in ww2 for the dutch but their a bunch of coward ungrateful racists and they ratted out most of the jews in ww2

    i respect canada for not being part of something immoral like iraq and canada is a great nation being run by neocon zionists

  3. yomamasapeach says:

    @jijed2 To tell you the truth, China and Canada are good friends before this shit prime minister. He is a Bush clone. As for your nation, the netherlands is respectful to Canada after what we did for you guys in WW2 and protected your royal family. You guys even sent us tullips as a thank you. You probably are a muslim living in the netherlands because you are against Israel. I agree with you on that.

  4. jijed2 says:

    hahah fuck canada as if china has to listen to these cunts

  5. OddOpinion says:

    Like this if you did NOT vote for Dumb ass Harper! The rest of you should move to Ottawa and separate from Canada!

  6. thegeckostate5 says:

    You couldn’t wait a month for information on the budget…..?

    Instead they hack it, how impulsive…..!

  7. bobbycatacutan says:

    most of government shit isnt even hooked up to the internet, why the fuck would they risk it? just fucking false flag attacks to take away the internet lol

  8. DCFunBud says:

    So what is Canada going to do about it? Recall your ambassador and we’ll see how soon they’ll try to hack again.

  9. tuobniklat says:

    Canadian here, our government is down right incompetent. Harper is a watered-down bush, and our Conservative party is incredibly stupid.

  10. NXTGENvg says:

    whats a canada?

  11. noelIsadore19 says:

    @timetodepop the truth

  12. timetodepop says:


    Not at all noell….What you have been reading was sarcastic satirical rant….What you see in America and Europe is not progress at all is it?…Its a parasite killing its host….In this case the parasite is mankind…People would do well to take notice of Canada’s preservation of natural resources…Better yet people should respect the Native Americans who lived for 10’s of thousands of years without exhausting any natural resource…in great contrast with the last 200yrs

  13. noelIsadore19 says:

    the word Canada came from the natives, the white folks misunderstood the word Kanata(the village), we were here first bitches, we date back over 10,000 years, the rest of you are from Europe or french settlers, and the african canadains came here from america, running away from there slave owners, so peace bitches

  14. noelIsadore19 says:

    @timetodepop by progress do you mean over populate? destroy nature? start wars for no reason?

  15. noelIsadore19 says:

    @timetodepop theres nothing wrong with dog sledding, hockeyand maple syrup and corn are just delicious and log cabinns are the bommmmbbbb

  16. sirsean1227 says:


  17. timetodepop says:


    And the Rockefeller’s are not fit to lead?…Ruling is the right of those most successful…Whether you understand the situation or not, it is of no consequence….The Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s control your insignificant country and life as well…I would get down on my knees and pray to Henry Kissinger for forgiveness If I were you…He is your messiah now.

  18. cyberknight2010 says:

    @timetodepop thats some funny stuff, shows the ignorance of Americans, the same sheep that allowed rockafeller to control the money and the goverment of the US in the first place.

  19. timetodepop says:


    Cyber, really doesn’t matter…As we speak, the North American Union is being set up…The Canadians will become nothing more than the “Hill Billies” of the north…No longer having a unique identity…The United States Gov will become the North American Gov….Then your country will catch up with the rest of world, and your people can come to know more than dog sledding, hockey, maple syrup, corn fields, and log cabins…

  20. timetodepop says:


    Exactly…Canada has vast natural resources…Unfortunately an indigenous population of primitives inhabits their lands…These dog sledding lumberjacks who’s body odor is enough to discourage any would be tourist from visiting, have completely infested the gorgeous country side…In order to properly tap into these valuable natural resources, we must remove this miserable blight…Once the social dullards are out of the way, progress can resume.

  21. cyberknight2010 says:

    @diulesing7 lol Canada has the second largest oil field, more natural gas, more wood, more water,
    any other questions?

  22. cyberknight2010 says:

    @cyberknight2010 yes do your reasearch we supply or did supply half of califormoa’s hydro, from Bennet dam , online since 1964 on a 100 year contract your goverment has never paid for yet

  23. MsColdCanada says:

    @mymovienerd I wasn’t bragging it up I was just clarifying the facts. Now you know.

  24. mymovienerd says:

    @MsColdCanada I guess this is a REAL source of Canadian pride…. pathetic.

  25. MsColdCanada says:

    @mymovienerd In 1812 there were no “Canadians” the British army that took Washington were the British forefathers who 55 years later were indeed called Canadians.

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