eMarek11 asked:

I this two movies I will show you how to hack someone Facebook account. First off all this is not a password stealing. I will sniff for cookies that are made at login and then I will use them. What is the catch? You can sniff only local area network, so you can hack your siblings at home, your classmate at school or coworker at work. Not bad at all. Part 1: www.youtube.com Part 2: www.youtube.com

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25 Responses to Sniffing Facebook Cookies with Wireshark [1/2]

  1. sadnok says:

    kak mak

  2. survivor030406 says:

    @exposed97 because Netflix uses silverlight not flash?

  3. SuperBodet says:


  4. fullprooffed says:

    @johnoshea360 Only if the user opts in to SSL in their options though. Most still haven’t.

  5. exposed97 says:

    You ever wonder why youtube videos take a long time to load, however Netflix loads instantly?

  6. pspheaven says:

    Guake FTW!

  7. xhorxhi1 says:

    you do this only when facebook is opened up before in your pc

  8. xhorxhi1 says:

    you do this only when facebook is opened up before

  9. OnyxCode says:

    will you decipher the …::: OnyxCode :::…

  10. Silverormen says:

    Why the hell do yyou need to SNIFF fb cookies? Use Mozilla.

  11. DeviantDigi says:

    So you can only retrieve information from your computer?

  12. TheErorr says:

    @zouzouhip download ubuntu …………….

  13. temp4me1102 says:

    Thanks for the video; great music too
    You’ll find it on music-shake website

  14. temp4me1102 says:

    Thanks for the video; great music too
    symphony (3:33) by jeffarama
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  15. exposed97 says:


  16. zouzouhip says:

    i bagen u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me that theme he’s osom plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. basyirstar says:

    you’re… with cookies there is no needs to know the password and if it using SSL no one can’t stop us from intercept the network, right?

  18. martynardelli says:

    @johnoshea360 I dont understand what that has to do with the video? He isn’t sniffing for passwords here which as ur right facebook use SSL so packet sniffing wouldnt pick up ay username or passwords.

    He is picking up the login cookies which once added should confuse facebook into thinking you are the user ALREADY logged in. It seems your comment is irrelevant to the video unless im mis understanding what you are saying?

  19. johnoshea360 says:

    Ok, nice vid but its a little out dated. Im not hatin on u or anytin but dont bother watching this. See SSL, or secure shell layer has been introduced to facebook, so what happens when someone loggs in with the username “facebookuser”, the computer encodes it with SSL to “2639264846383”, for example. ONLY facebook can uncode this username making packet sniffing (what this vid is about useless) as SSL encoded usernames and passwords are 100% useless. Sry 🙁

  20. SnoweyMan111 says:

    @alphabravo8 Far from it. Lets say he really needs to have someones facebook account really bad. The person at hand happends to use an iPhone to browse facebook. He connects to a public network. We, who have been following this poor sob around also connect to the network. We start up wireshark and do this. We can preconfigure alot of stuff so we don’t have to go though this again. Then when we have the captured data we can get the password/email combination.

  21. alphabravo8 says:

    quite useless

  22. techi555 says:

    You did absolutely nothing m8

  23. felipealvarez1982 says:

    Very interesting, and informative. Please make video faster.

  24. antisony2008 says:

    if im capturing while the victim login, how can i see the pass?

  25. FiredG1 says:

    Add N Edit Cookies is not available for 3.6.12, the last version of Firefox…

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