eMarek11 asked:

I this two movies I will show you how to hack someone Facebook account. First off all this is not a password stealing. I will sniff for cookies that are made at login and then I will use them. What is the catch? You can sniff only local area network, so you can hack your siblings at home, your classmate at school or coworker at work. Not bad at all. Part 1: www.youtube.com Part 2: www.youtube.com

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23 Responses to Sniffing Facebook Cookies with Wireshark [2/2]

  1. pitxi87 says:

    If i update the page of facebook appears the username but I have to enter the password…

  2. ferduos2008 says:

    Great video!
    But, can i still see/ steal passwords n usernames of anyothers who are using same network as me at home, for example throgh wireless connection?

  3. warezakias1admin says:

    @PetkoKostov lol, process is almost the same if you are on a network.

  4. PetkoKostov says:

    @SEbbaTheHacker ok man, show us please how to sniff SOMEONE ELSE , it`s not so simple

  5. SEbbaTheHacker says:

    @PetkoKostov For god sake. your supposed to remove YOUR cookies and insert the SNIFFED ones, and the sniffed cookies is from SOMEONE ELSE

  6. NSblackmetal says:

    I cant get this to work, I copied every single part of the cookie, but refreshing the login page just takes me to login again.

  7. Z0kW3r says:

    thax bro!!
    great work…

  8. gregorynr says:

    very clever! facebook packets no longer uses the “lxe” string (correct me if I’m wrong) so I wonder if this will still work. I’m off to find out right now.

  9. PetkoKostov says:

    that`s so lame man. You`re just deleting your cookies and then creating em again and you call that “sniffing” ? you just sniff yourself

  10. NZJonBrown says:

    @DaemonAnt : ) he’s just showing you how to do it on his own pc.
    Thankyou very much eMarek11 that was an awesome video

  11. ThePujs says:

    @SynS7ven He deleted all cokies, than log in to facebook, so there could be no other packets with cookies on facebook ;-]

  12. thirstyladka says:

    what is name of song? please

  13. SynS7ven says:

    i get all of this… exept one part??? how did you know which packet was the facebook info???

  14. SnoweyMan111 says:

    @DaemonAnt I think the video explains well enough what this is.
    And what I’m saying is that if you’re connected to a wireless network you can get all the info everyone else on that network gets. Unless they’re using pre-shared keys.

    This is sniffing. Simply showing everything you can and then filtering out what you don’t need. This shows how to filter out everything except for a facebook cookie.

    I’m not skilled enough to know what ARP poisoning is. 😛
    But I’m not suggesting it is.

  15. DaemonAnt says:

    @SnoweyMan111 So you’re suggesting that this is an ARP poisoning technique?

  16. SnoweyMan111 says:

    @DaemonAnt Ofc it would, but this works on any network where there’s a hub between you and the target. Or a wireless network. You can get all the accounts from all the people in the network if they login while you’re there. And installing keyloggers is very risky. If it’s someones home or something. Public PC’s I would probably go with the keylogger.

  17. handragin says:

    this was a great demo tyvm
    and i super happy u are using the same os as me!

  18. DaemonAnt says:

    Wouldn’t it be more efficient to use a keylogger if you are using cookies from the same computer?

  19. lumaix says:

    that worked great! thanks

  20. bizoot1 says:

    why is this not working for me?

  21. bizoot1 says:

    this is not working for me…
    did EXACTLY what u did…

  22. xuten says:

    theres only one thing i don’t get
    you got into teh same facebbok you created in the first video
    how do you get into someone else facebook?
    you alter the lxe with some other email or what?

  23. jrabbit87norway says:

    thanx.. this was fun to learn!

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