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By: Owais Mughloo The topic of WIFI — man in the middle attack, is of importance to network security. Recent studies have shown that people from all age groups using laptops, smart phones and other entertainment/communication devices prefer to use WIFI over Ethernet. Most laptops/communication devices have network software that automatically connects to access points it remembers. This convenient feature is what gets users online without effort when you turn on your computer at home, office, coffee shops, airports or your frequent visit place. WIFI-MITMA is done with a special OPENWRT router with custom software that first disconnects your device from an active WIFI connection and, when your computer turns on the wireless radio, sends out beacons. These beacons say, “Is such-and-such wireless network around?”, and then the hacker’s router replies to these beacons and says, “Sure, I’m such-and-such wireless access point”, and lets you go online! Now, all of the victim’s Internet traffic flowing through the hacker’s router such as e-mail, instant messages and browser sessions are easily viewed or even modified by the hacker. At this point a number of serious attacks like “metasploit”, “SSL strip” etc. can be launched on the victim’s computer and all the valuable information can be compromised. In my experiment, I will install PHP on the hacker router and make fake websites like, and and write some PHP script that will extract the input

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  1. bmccutch31 says:

    also you totally ripped off this entire tutorial

  2. bmccutch31 says:

    most annoying voice ever

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