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Webroot Internet Security Complete: MalwareGuru (MrXidus) tests Webroot Internet Security Complete on default settings against zero-day malicious links to see how good it is at defending the PC from zero day malware, viruses and rootkits. Website: Interested in security? Check out these forums. http — MY SETUP — See MalwareGuru channel sidebar. Music: Don’t ask me for track name. Thanks for watching, Feel free to leave a comment and subscribe. Webroot Internet Security Complete Test And Review Prevention Test

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25 Responses to ★Webroot Internet Security Complete Test★

  1. rizwanhakeem2002 says:

    @MrXidus But when i installed webroot i clicked on update and it recieves 20 to 30mb virus definitions but anyway great review.Have you tested LUMENSION endpoint security if not please test because at vb100 it has high detection rates.

  2. MrXidus says:

    @rizwanhakeem2002 They update automatically upon install.

  3. rizwanhakeem2002 says:

    @MrXidus Ok but in other tests you always clicked on update button except norton.

  4. cool8635 says:


  5. MrXidus says:

    @cool8635 Good to know.

  6. cool8635 says:

    kaspersky 2012 didn’t find anything.

  7. Eragon86micky says:

    this antivirus is horrible \o/

  8. cool8635 says:

    @cool8635 thx
    im going to download kaspersky internet security 2012 now
    i uninstaill webroot
    thx for ur help again dude

  9. MrXidus says:

    @cool8635 Yes go for a better product such as Avast! Free, Even Microsofts product Microsoft Security Essentials does better then this.

  10. MrXidus says:

    @cool8635 Download Hitman Pro and run a scan with that, Its free and if it does find anything it has a 30 day removal trial. Your welcome for the test.

  11. MrXidus says:

    @bbbbweb Yep it did….

  12. MrXidus says:

    @rizwanhakeem2002 I always show the product is updated at the start of my video. When I click the arrow that says See How you can see it says Last Updated 7/26/2011 Cheers.

  13. MrXidus says:

    @kingsaulr1 Thanks and I’m glad your interested by them, If you ever have any requests feel free to tell me.

  14. MrXidus says:

    @iTechNetwork Yeah I was expecting it to do abit better. Guess not.

  15. MrXidus says:

    @Paragon2me Online Armor would have done all the work. Might aswell chuck out Webroot. Cheers.

  16. MrXidus says:

    @1700tt Certainly not the lightest suite around.

  17. MrXidus says:

    @Redgit232 +1

  18. MrXidus says:

    @WinAndLinuxTutorials By the looks of it nope, Yeah MSE any day over this.

  19. MrXidus says:

    @kireal123 Your welcome.

  20. MrXidus says:

    @Phenoman1992 Yeah they need to step up there game. Thanks for watching.

  21. MrXidus says:

    @collsni Yeah ransomware is never good.

  22. cool8635 says:

    should i uninstaill it i still got 183 days left?
    somebody recommened me webroot.

  23. cool8635 says:

    oh thx for the test dude.
    i didnt no tht it didnt do well
    i wonder if there’s stiil viruses on my pc
    webroot dectected two so far
    also i got malwarebytes pro but it didnt dectect anything.

  24. bbbbweb says:

    Ern, it did pretty bad.

  25. rizwanhakeem2002 says:

    Hey why you don’t show that webroot is fully updated or not?

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