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New different material! This is a new video on advanced data recovery by Scott A. Moulton. This is from August 2007 at Defcon 15 on how to do your own hard drive recovery.

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25 Responses to Advanced Hard Drive Data Recovery Part 1

  1. youknowita says:

    @TheMinitool Aha.~~~“it is really works perfectly. 🙂

  2. TheMinitool says:

    @TheShadowlocker Data recovery software is really a good thing, MiniTool data recovery software is a good choice for you. It is easy to use and it is efficient.. some of the editions are absolutely FREE!!!!!!!!you can have a try.

  3. gobsheen78 says:

    I was with you right up to “Hi everybody”.


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  5. TheShadowlocker says:

    I own a small repair shop and I have to say that in my experience you are right. I’ve never once had any home user spend over a few hundred dollars on data recover and that’s pushing it. It’s just not worth it to them.

  6. phydroxide says:

    #1:25 Animiation

  7. 001andyroberts says:

    download collection of Full Data Recovery software for free, just visit

  8. santinasiford05 says:

    Love it. I am so sick of these album! i found this album in downloadmusic .im

  9. datarecoverybest says:

    you are good job!!

  10. datarecoverybest says:

    you are good job

  11. blacklotus808 says:

    3 months in.
    Data recovery not going so well…

    Have literally lost everything.

    I’m going to hang my self with my mouse cord now.

  12. dodiemuehleisen50 says:

    You crazy bitch… AHHHHHHH……… Like this album..just downloaded it from

  13. GheeTTo1 says:

    Advanced Hard Drive Data Recovery Video Tutorial

  14. ph1sheR1 says:

    Advanced Hard Drive Data Recovery Video Tutorial /watch?v=l5HupqVdTZY

  15. payamdatarecovery says:

    Well done Scott, this is a great video. We always ask our new staff at our company to watch all of your videos as an comprehensive into into data recovery before training them for hands on work. Keep up the great work (and ignore the youtube haters!)

  16. Kg277 says:

    @FQCS never has and never will be. Each drive is a unique case.

  17. easydownloadz says:

    u guys can get latest data recovery software from w w w . easydownloadz . co m

  18. thewewguy8t88 says:

    thanks this gives me hope i mean honestly if i had a quick tutoral on how to replace the spiner i think i could do it the bigest porblem is finding the exact drive because i am worried it may no longer be made anymore 🙁

  19. Vox0707 says:

    Both my WD 80GB hard drives still run, I have one in my 9yr old dell 8200 as of now, and the other is for back up incase this one dies. But so far there still going, both WD drives are now going on 7 to 8yrs old, still work. My advice if you take good care of your hard drive it will take good care of you.

  20. CouncilHater2009 says:

    i want to know what do you need to do dater recovery on all 2.5 3.5 any make

  21. bizzysim3 says:

    Great video. Helped me swap pcb boards and resuce my files from my drive.

  22. Derangedteddy says:

    Amazing stuff here. Thank you so much for the upload!

  23. arni0202 says:

    @yosifon11 go to his website there are seminars

  24. mygaffer says:

    Maybe you have $6000 for a clean room then?

  25. nch8 says:

    well fuck them anyway.

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