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New different material! This is a new video on advanced data recovery by Scott A. Moulton. This is from August 2007 at Defcon 15 on how to do your own hard drive recovery.

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7 Responses to Advanced Hard Drive Data Recovery Part 4

  1. youknowita says:

    Data recovery software is really a good thing, MiniTool data recovery software is a good choice for you. It is easy to use and it is efficient.. some of the editions are absolutely FREE!!!!!!!! Any of you need it can have a try.

  2. ph1sheR1 says:

    Advanced Hard Drive Data Recovery Video Tutorial /watch?v=l5HupqVdTZY

  3. Zenodilodon says:

    There is one other way to do a muiti platter swap, You can use a press to push the central spindle of the motor up and out of the bearings for the platter motor, it’s tricky and the hard drives platters back into the same vertical location, I have used a precision drill press ” not turned on ” as a bearing press with a slightly smaller metal rod as a push pin. It’s tricky as heck but doable.

  4. webmistress555 says:

    I don’t know why anyone would think that this part of the series is “lagging”, lol, because I’m getting more out of these 10min segments of presentations (including this one) that I’ve gotten out of college courses or real world experience. Excellent!

  5. GrooveSafari says:

    Search “RAID Hard Drive Data Recovery” on Krustbox (dot) com.

  6. winfr34k says:

    This part is lagging…
    But I like this “series”.

  7. eleanoquilly says:

    Nice try. Keep it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing. GFHYT

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