Lynxsec asked:

This is a video showing you howto effecitvely audit your website with aidsql

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11 Responses to aidSQL SQL Injection penetration testing tool

  1. luigginacho says:

    Keep it safe and promote the tool, we need you guys to promote it. Even though without any money in this, we need to be motivation as any other human being.
    Thank you

  2. Lynxsec says:

    @chariaf Thanks to you for watching

  3. Lynxsec says:

    @djangh0 apt-get install php5-mysqli or similar just apt-cache search php5 | grep mysql
    Hope it helps!

  4. djangh0 says:

    @djangh0 nevermind found that you need too instal php5-mysql lib and php5-curl and cur libs as well 😉

  5. djangh0 says:

    I have same version php and checked out version 231 as shown in video but have the following error:
    Fatal error: Class ‘MySQLi’ not found in /home/ludo/aidsql-lates/lib/aidSQL/class/db/MySQLDbAdapter.class.php on line 5
    any idea?

  6. chariaf says:

    good for you thanks. any vids else please as ssl

  7. chariaf says:

    good for you thanks.

  8. luigginacho says:

    @nulledsession About the “loud” part I have many ideas about this. Automated SQL Injection is “loud” but Im thinking about the solution today (I think I have it). Do you irc? #aidsql

  9. nulledsession says:

    Sorry, I really didn’t mean to come off like a dick.

    Anyway, I’m setting up a test environment in a VM today once I finish going through the code. And I do understand the need for automation in a pentest as time is not always of the essence. The only thing that worries me about the tools is its actual spidering technique and just how “loud” it is.(I haven’t gone through any code yet to find out myself) Anyway, best of luck and if I see an area I can help in I will. Take care.

  10. Lynxsec says:

    @nulledsession Thank you for the comment. Im not an “expert”. But please try the tool. You can even contribute to it with ideas.

  11. nulledsession says:

    Tee-Hee another “expert” calling S-Q-L injection, Sequel injection.

    When you make another video call it “Sequel Injection…The Sequel!” Just messing with ya. Nice tool though I haven’t tried it yet. There are so many of these tools people are going to forget how to do it the right way…manual.

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