curemymind asked:

click on the link in the video to watch how to access the usb wifi to be able to use this part of the video…. :::::::::::::::::this is where i got bt4 :::::::::::::::::get the final release :::::::::::::::::name bt4-final.iso :::::::::::::::::size 1570 mb which is 1.5GB ::::::af139d2a08597861dc53cabc67b9269 ::::::thats where i got my version ::::::thats what im currently using ::::::all other versions of bt4 might not work with this NOTE: it should be in the video in red saying click here and other letters and words i put in there i forget all but i remember still saying click here hahahahah 🙂 1. Poweron BT4 2. login with root or the user u created 3. startx 4. go to dragon start icon and select internet and then Wicd step 4 is just to show u that u cannot connect 5. open terminal (NOTE: b/c im not in root i use sudo) and type (NOTE: i know its called Konsole but i like to say terminal) sudo start-network (hit enter) now 2 stop it just type sudo stop-network (hit enter) 6. now do step 4 and slect wicd and u should see it load with the connections. selecton and configure it as you see in the video 6. in same terminal type in sudo apt-get update NOTE:synchronizes your package list with our repository. sudo apt-get upgrade NOTE:downloads and installs all the updates available. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade NOTE:downloads and installs all new upgrades. (NOTE: this should update your backtrack 4) ———————————————- aircrack? 1

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25 Responses to backtrack 4 internet for dummies

  1. curemymind says:

    @sayman250 well if you set up the IP your giong to get a static ip and that wont get you internet… did you check in prefreances of the wicd manager about your interfaces… BackTrack 5 has less problems then BT4 just saying… just go to this file /etc/network/interface open it with your fav… texte editor and edit as you wish and re-boot would be my best guess… but that would be a static IP and it wont help you get internet.. My suggestion is check ur interface in WICD…

  2. sayman250 says:

    @curemymind in vmware i have no problem cause i am using another xp in works nicely with
    bridged connection.why i go with backttrack5.if you know how to setup those ip addres please tell me .tou can mail is my mail address.”[email protected]” or “[email protected]

  3. curemymind says:

    @sayman250 Why don’t you go with BackTrack 5? and it looks like you are haveing problems with vmware. I would suggest to repair though the install of vmware… Just click on the install of vmware and you should have a repair option.. which wont delete anything just repair it…

  4. curemymind says:

    Then you are having the radio of ur wifi turned off by the rfkill swtich… If you do a “rfkill list” command without the quotes, and you get either the soft block or hard block.. Then your wifi raido is truned off.. Which i think it’s whats going on… You should upgrade to BT5, which the problem has been fixed… You could try the “rfmod driver_name” where driver is the driver_name ur using. Which i think ur using the rtl8187, then “rfkill unblock all” and then “modprobe driver_name”.

  5. mtsacricky09 says:

    @curemymind Its a usb, no im running Backtrack Live DVD….Yes, Did start Network n added interface in WICD and show show all available access points..I successfully connected to my home wep encrypted network router but no internet access..Thanks for your help.

  6. curemymind says:

    @mtsacricky09 Is your wifi USB? or mini PCI, or PCI??? Also are you using vmware? if so is that with a usb or a mini Pci or a PCI? Static ip wont help you get interenet unless you are hosting a network :|… Did you start the network? and did you add the wireless interface to the WICD manager? But 1st answer the 1st few questions about if you are vmware and if its usb or any kind of pci… Let me know and i can try to help u from there.

  7. mtsacricky09 says:

    Can someone help me out? IM able to connecto to the internet in Windows and Ubuntu but not in backtrack
    Cant connect to the internet! It does connect to my wep encrypted network but no internet access..I even enter static ip n still no internet?? How to fix this problem??
    My wireless adapter is Wifisky 2000 mw Realtek RTL8187B

  8. curemymind says:

    @sashovec the 1st stong is Girls be ambitious by Miyavi… and the 2n’d song is a naruto theme song… i forgot what its called but eh it happens…

  9. sashovec says:

    What is the name of the song?

  10. curemymind says:

    @Pesi0 the 1st stong is Girls be ambitious by Miyavi…

  11. Pesi0 says:

    ty for help, this is a very usefull video 🙂 what is the name of the first song? i know the second is the I realize the screaming pain

  12. curemymind says:

    @shadow7guardian7 how are you using backtrack? is it vmware? if that is the case and you are trying to use the intergrated card then no it will not work… vmware does not support nore share your laptops integrated wifi card… i would recomend a usb dongal or as you said a “alfa”… but there is cheaper ones like gsky, but remember cheaper sometimes means cheap product… but sometimes it works grate… but you can use a usb memory stick or a life dvd of backtrack… have you tried that yet?

  13. curemymind says:

    @dannyrug Is the wicd client have the your settings to your interface? When you open up wicd and then click on prefreances is the wireless interface there? If its blank, go to konsole and type in “iwconfig” that should show you if you have a wireless interface. For example mine said wlan0.. I would take wlan0 and type that into the wicd prefreances… Then simply restart wicd with command “/etc/init.d/wicd restart” no quotes… Re-fressh the wicd and see if that works…

  14. curemymind says:

    @Zukatsr125 it wont work if they trying to use the integrated wifi card and use it with vmware… If that’s the case then vmware wont suppor tthat.. Only if ur booting off of the live cd or memory stick, or have a full install on HDD… It will also work with a usb wifi dongle…

  15. dannyrug says:

    when i start wicd and then look for a wireless network it says none available

  16. curemymind says:

    @KiddAce01 Is this a live dvd? or a Memory stick or are you trying to use the integrated wifi card on your computer with vmware then thats a vmware problem… but how are you trying to use backtrack?

  17. Zukatsr125 says:

    @KiddAce01 If you have a wireless card in your laptop, it will work.. you can also try.. wicd-client (in console)

  18. KiddAce01 says:

    One quick question.

    Do you need a wireless adapter connect it to your laptop in order to get wireless internet?

    I did all the steps, but I still cannot see wireless maybe its because I do not have a wireless adapter such as “alfa” etc.

    Thank you.

  19. rosenjake716 says:

    thanks for the info.

  20. curemymind says:

    @rosenjake716 Theres a program’s that i like to use that recovers from a format either “file scavenger” or the one i like to use the most is “handy recovery”. But before i would do that i would use a linux live cd with an external hd or mem stick and move the files from the unbootable or damaged windows HDD to the undamaged one. even tho those 2 are really good they do miss some files b/c of the corruption… But most of the time there should be zero problems in recovery.

  21. rosenjake716 says:

    ok i’m going to ask you something off topic ….
    in a windows computer if you delete the hal.dll file and then restart the computer windows won’t load giving you an error and asking you to reinstall the OS all over again.
    So if you were to reinstall the OS again, could you be able to retrieve whatever data you may have on the hard drive ?

  22. curemymind says:

    @rosenjake716 I work at fixing computers.

  23. rosenjake716 says:

    ya i’ve been watching him a bit he looks like a male version of Lady Gaga / P!nk but sings nothing like the crap that gaga sings, more like p!nk
    i’ve been using the integrated wifi and a separate usb wifi device from netgear version WG111v2 (which is suppose to catch packets to crack WEP & WPA)

    N btw wat do u work as ?

  24. curemymind says:

    @rosenjake716 the 1st song name is Girls be ambitious by Miyavi… And what card are you trying to use? for example are u trying to use the integrated card? If u are using vmware then it will not work with integrated cards. Also what kind of card is it? You can go to my website so i can type more then what youtube lets me. just lick on my name and it should be the featured video. Sorry for this late replay i’ve been working night shifts.

  25. rosenjake716 says:

    i used client interface and i was told that there was “no such device”, does this mean that bt4 r2 doesn’t support my old hardware ?

    and by the way what is the name of the first song and could you also tell me on which anime do they play the first song in ?

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