Mr7WAL asked:

NOTE: (This Video Is For Educational Purposes Only) You Are Responsible For All Of Your Acts –» «– BT — Penetration Testing Distribution

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12 Responses to BackTrack 4 R1 – MITM – Ettercap + SSLStrip

  1. ranitcd says:


  2. 013van says:

    Listening on wlan0…
    ERROR : 19 , no such device

  3. 013van says:

    Nice video , but after removing the two ” # # ” what i must do ??

  4. OnyxCode says:

    see video…decipher the code ..
    and get a billion in your trip ….

  5. b0n3zassassin says:

    that was beautiful

  6. yoni7790 says:

    Dude you fu#$%^&&$ingg rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. crapbrat says:

    suppose iam running backtrack on vmware and i bridge the connection to get internet… ten will it work ?? o.O

  8. xXSparky117Xx says:

    Excellent. Nice Work.

  9. Mr7WAL says:

    @RFraught you can try the -f options or -k , well, you can also see more options via Backtrack/Privilage Escalation/Spoofing/SSLStrip 😉

  10. Mr7WAL says:

    @donofthekuwait thank you for the compliment 😉

  11. RFraught says:

    I’m glad you posted this, because i’ve been having problems with SSL strip. Even when i run it (yes it’s updated) it doesn’t strip out the certificate. I still get the same message from firefox. Any suggestions?

  12. donofthekuwait says:

    Man you are Pro seriously i think you are the best on youtube or i would say the Father of hacking ! keep it up !

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