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BackTrack 5 Promo, by Zuse Design – www.zusedesign.com BackTrack 5 Release Date – May 10th 2011. Get ready for the Revolution. Music by: Infected Mushroom – Project 100

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25 Responses to BackTrack 5 – Penetration Testing Distribution Promo

  1. WiziLiCe says:

    in fucking credible, my pants were off before the video even started..

  2. manologrhacker says:

    i believe that on 0:57 they are wrong

    if you are serious aboot NETWORK HACKING

  3. Vortaix95 says:

    Anyone who dislikes will be hacked..
    That’s why there is no dislikes..

  4. OptimalRidge says:

    Thumbs up if you think linux gives hackers this shit on purpose 🙂

  5. Mile97stankovic says:

    I think this is the only one video on youtube which doesnt have dislikes 😉
    Thumbs up 😀

  6. hereandnowgp says:


  7. TetrisSuchti says:

    nice vid

  8. GaGiCF says:

    Gnome is the best!!

  9. HabeKeinMitleid says:

    @bushmaster9999able Download the iso pop it in a vm and pew pew.

  10. Sancho2Go says:

    This is my favorite distribution.
    Thumbs up!

  11. Loopback5 says:

    @bushmaster9999able It’s only 1.8 GB

  12. ross817 says:

    @roo0oock1 KDE looks cooler, Gnome is easier to use.

  13. liam12347 says:

    I CAME!

  14. roo0oock1 says:

    please some1 tell me what is the different between kde and gnome

  15. m7amd664 says:

    the best system ^_^ i love it ^_^
    i have KDE

  16. bushmaster9999able says:

    backtrack 5 is larger than 4.5 gb dvd:( damn…. i so wanted to try the new edition.

  17. GembelXSecutive says:

    Backtrack Is The Best

  18. GembelXSecutive says:

    I Love Bactrack!

  19. tavomgl says:

    quite true

  20. Amivit says:

    With the average IQ of a YouTube viewer, this video will probably, but unfortunately be the starting point of a lot of script kiddies 🙁

  21. etflex says:

    Great vid 🙂
    Nice song too :>
    Damn, Backtrack 5 is really awesome 🙂

  22. hrturnerbsu says:

    Looking good! Cant wait to switch over from BT4r2.

  23. m7amd664 says:

    hello my name is m7amd i love backtrack i used
    all the time .

    but i need learn the system .

    and i need study the system where i can study

    this system ^_^ University ? OR College ?

    Please help me if you can .

    Because I am a student .

    ^_^ thank you ^_^

  24. prostabakica says:

    backtrack 5 love him !

  25. fsx0jack0air says:

    I wanna be a BackTrack developer !

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