strandjsgmail asked:

The is a very basic intro to nmap video for my Intro to TCP/IP class. Forhigh resolution security videos check out To find out more about hacking and computer security check out SANS Hacker techniques and Incident Response and SANS Network Penetration Testing at: Also, you can get 10% off using the discount code COINS-JS Also, check out my site at

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12 Responses to Basic nmap for TCP/IP

  1. chrislukebt says:

    @tyler73074 I know the feeling…

  2. tyler73074 says:

    Too bad no one does a good as job using just one OS. Sorry, I know linux is superior in every way. too bad I hate it with a passion, and I’m tired of people telling me I’m dumb for that.

  3. ihack4fun says:

    Another good tutorial. I wish you taught classes at my college. I find it easy to follow you. Thanks again.

  4. r4tdance says:

    Hello! Today we’re going to play in Windows!

  5. overlord3069 says:

    what would you potentially want to port scan someone elses external for? A ping DOS? i mean, besides sending packets and recieving them, what else would you do with this?

  6. dexsmasher says:

    when i try to use it is just sais the site shut down or blocked and to use -pn what does this mean?

    regards dex

  7. bcarl10101 says:

    what software do you use for the virtual computers?

  8. rajuonline1980 says:

    What was that virtualization software? Parallels? Its too cool 🙂

  9. jmm1233 says:

    Nmap FTW , was also seen in Battle Royale and There is also another interesting tutorial on HaXXXor Vol 1 , lol

  10. PukeandStaggard says:

    lol so does the matrix. i think die hard to. good tut.

  11. strandjsgmail says:

    It is also in the Bourne Ultimatum

  12. sunnz says:

    Trinity uses nmap lol

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