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mountolympus.myvnc.com – Head on over to our website for more Videos, Articles and other content. Join the crew for more benefits. —————————- Basic Nmap tutorial. Setting it up on both windows and linux(ubuntu.)

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25 Responses to Basic Nmap

  1. pbgio15 says:

    shit i thought it was my home phone 😛

  2. hackme995 says:

    thanx alot for the g8 tut!!

  3. robertoswz290887 says:

    coglione non si vede un cazzo

  4. OnyxCode says:

    will you decipher the OnyxCode …

  5. marquetterocks1 says:

    This is a really great video…… FOR PEOPLE WITH BIONIC EYES!

  6. jibi1705 says:

    turn off ur mobile (3:53) while ur in class 😉

  7. jibi1705 says:

    TURN OFF ur MOBILE (3:53) while ur in class 😉

  8. xeu5 says:

    @FreeStylesEnt Yes, I would like to re-clarify. That permission is key. Or Ownage, or Administrative rights of a network, you are allowed to do whatever you want to your system. That also goes for a port scanning. It has been proven on several occasions that even port scanning is also illegal. A company can drum charges against you for something as little as port scanning, and calling it a full blown done against them.

  9. FreeStylesEnt says:

    :-$ nmap -PE -PN (network or device address) :-$ nmap -sS -vv (network or device address) :-$ nmap -O(network or device address)

  10. FreeStylesEnt says:

    @colin8696908 and @colin8696908 In Accordance With International CyberLaw: Scanning is only legal on a network that you own and administrate. You can not even legally use Wireshark or a similar prgm to monitor network traffic on a network you do not own or admin. In order to perform network mapping, monitoring and/or scanning you must own the network or have contractually agreed admin rights to do so.
    Freestyles MBA, MCT,MCSE,MCBDA, MCP+I,CCAI, CCNP, CNE,Security+,N+, Inet+,A+,CIW associate

  11. jasonthe2 says:

    do you have a vm running in every workspace? 😉 how much ram is that eating up?

  12. bmwmgii says:

    hay dude i cant see anything .

  13. chocolatepizza11 says:

    @TheVikasruhil I am running it on Windows 7, it should work. you did use the auto compiler or whatever?

  14. xeu5 says:

    @colin8696908 Yes, I believe you are right. Scanning is not the crime, but generally a port scan does wake the neighbors!

  15. colin8696908 says:

    to my knolage there are no laws against scanning only hacking like with metasploite

  16. xeu5 says:

    @3hacksTeam It is all good. I know you were wanting to help. I do wish I can push out the newer videos faster though. My subscribers are wanting a “ZEUS COME BACK.” And they shall get it!

  17. 3hacksTeam says:


    Yeah, that would be quality. And no worries – my comment wasn’t in a bad tone.

  18. xeu5 says:

    @3hacksTeam Yeah, you are right. I will be doing alot more reposting in the near future. The current videos were done around the time when YouTube kind of works against you, before they allowed for higher quality videos. I apologize to you and everyone else that happens to watch.

  19. 3hacksTeam says:

    Video would be nicer if it would be in a bit better quality. I’ve also visited the website. I can barely see whats going on in the videos..

  20. xeu5 says:

    TheVikasruhil To be honest. I have no idea why it would not work. Here is what I say, come to The Gates of Olympus ( mountolympus.myvnc. com ) and in the “IRC” page, My crew and I will help you troubleshoot your problem in hopes of getting this to work.

  21. TheVikasruhil says:

    i am not able run nmap on window 7 have any solution for that?

  22. drogahnus says:

    Thanks for the video. It was a little confusing at first, but your walk through helped.

  23. xeu5 says:

    @finger5100 Indeed I shall. Many of these videos from the past are going to be replaced. As they were coming from when I had poor systems. Now, I can provide us with crystal clear videos, generally speaking.

  24. finger5100 says:

    i can’t see you windows very good can you make new video

  25. xeu5 says:

    Actually, Nmap works both for Internal and External IP’s. I guess the ethical thing to say is, you should not do external computers, unless you had permission. Whereas home networks are your systems, and you have free reign.

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