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What is Blackbuntu? Blackbuntu is distribution for penetration testing which was specially designed for security training students and practitioners of information security. Blackbuntu is Ubuntu Linux base distro for Penetration Testing with GNOME Desktop Environment. It’s currently being built using the Ubuntu 10.10 and work on reference Back|Track. Website: www.blackbuntu.com My new blog: h4x0r18.blogspot.com

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20 Responses to Blackbuntu Linux – Penetration Testing Distribution

  1. H4x0r18 says:

    @sirbobbyuk Thanks, yeah I never heard of it before either. Just a lot of random searching on the Internet for penetration linux distros like Backtrack and found it. Its definitely worth checking out, I believe it has more tools than Backtrack but not as much support as Backtrack. Yes, it works great in VMware. I actually have it installed in my Vmware right now.

  2. sirbobbyuk says:

    like the review you did on black ubuntu, never heard of it before now. might have to check it out. Does it work ok in VM?

  3. gh0stop says:

    Don’t worry folks the 0.3 will come out soon, with of course 64 bits support.

  4. byteTemplar says:

    @rrichardlee33 Never use Pen testing distro as main OS! They are really unsecure for normal stuff, to enable all the “fun stuff”.

  5. H4x0r18 says:

    @rrichardlee33 No problem anytime! You should only have to install drivers if you have a ATI or Nvidia graphics card. Other than that, no you really don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’m waiting for the 64 bit version of Backtrack 5 to release in May so that I can use all my ram. Backtrack 4 supports up to 3GB ram I believe.

  6. rrichardlee33 says:

    hey thanks for answering my question! but i have another question, kinda off topic but i have a dual boot with win7 and backtrack 4 r2 (newest version as of now i believe) and i have been playing around with it for a while but i still use win7 as my main OS. If i were to switch to backtrack as my main OS, do i need to install drivers? like for my graphic cards and etc?

  7. blackpoolboots says:

    great review

  8. unixhacker says:

    @H4x0r18 GnackTrack has not been discontinued. They just released R6.

  9. H4x0r18 says:

    @maw88ify I agree. I also do not like the way Ubuntu is switching to Unity. I have always liked Linux Mint 10 and Arch Linux. I’m sure you can install chntpw in Linux Mint, just gotta look around the web.

  10. maw88ify says:

    @H4x0r18 Well is cool looking , and the direction Ubuntu is going I think I’ll be switch distribution soon … I’m not a fan of the new Unity GUI . I like Linux mint also, but the cool thing about Backtrack Linux is it comes with “chntpw” that’s good for removing passwords from Windows .

  11. H4x0r18 says:

    @rrichardlee33 Blackbuntu has Gnome desktop environment and tons of tools. Backtrack has KDE desktop environment and also has just about the same tools if not the same amount. I personally use Backtrack more than all of them cause its more updated and has more support community wise.

  12. H4x0r18 says:

    @maw88ify Its more like an improved version of GnackTrack, which got discontinued, what a shame, but I figured that would happen because Backtrack Linux has a lot more popularity and support in the community. They offer training, which GnackTrack, Blackbuntu, or BackBox did not have.

  13. H4x0r18 says:

    @Skunk2K20 What tutorials would you like? Send me a message. Thanks for watching my video!

  14. H4x0r18 says:

    @umiramtrudno You are right, I think so too. It does offer a ton of tools. Personally, I think it offers more tools than Backtrack, but that might just be me. Try it for yourself. 🙂

  15. H4x0r18 says:

    @TheAmazingJimmy Nope. I’m from Indiana. I guess it did sound like I had an accent, sorry.

  16. maw88ify says:

    @rrichardlee33 It looks like a rip off of GnackTrack Linux but with better icons, or Backtrack Linux.
    Who knows most likely it was made with Remastersys … Remastersys is the reason there are so many Ubuntu based Linux distributions out there.

  17. Skunk2K20 says:

    Any chance of some tutorials? 🙂

  18. umiramtrudno says:

    Total copy of bt…

  19. rrichardlee33 says:

    what’s the difference between this and backtrack?

  20. TheAmazingJimmy says:

    Are you from Texas? I thought I detected a tiny bit of good ol’ Texas twang in your accent.

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