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In a very rare interview CSIS director Richard Fadden reveals that CSIS has ongoing investigations into politicians at the provincial and municipal lever who are agents of influence for foreign governments in Canada.

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25 Responses to CBC National: CSIS director says foreign governments infiltrating local, provincial governments

  1. Pog0na says:

    TheJesseMD is right. Canadian version of FBi will be more de RCMP
    CSIS is more like CIA

  2. liquid2k says:

    RCMP is the federal police of Canada like the FBI is in the USA. CSIS is the intelligence service in Canada like the CIA is in the US.

  3. liquid2k says:

    RCMP is the federal police of Canada like the FBI in the USA. CSIS is the intelligence service like the CIA in the USA.

  4. inventionmaker99 says:

    I wish there were more videos involving this topic as I am currently doing a project on it.

  5. Kingphilosophy says:

    @TheJesseMD more like Canadian version of FBI

  6. TheJesseMD says:

    CSIS the canadian version of cia

  7. Nucleo85Torino says:

    @UltimateWarrior65 – I would like you to provide a link to back such a statement.

  8. ringsafe says:

    Outsides influence from a foreign government?..Of course there is,..There is influence on every government on the planet by The New World Government. They are 2.600 people who own 90% of the wealth in the world and they control us all. They are the NEW WORLD ORDER. Richard Fadden for PM. We need people with balls or we will all fall under the control of the Bilderburgs,. not people who join them against us,..people like Mr Mansbridge and B.C. Premier Campbell.

  9. melodymaker65 says:

    Time to call in BOND ….James Bond!!!..007

  10. ognamas says:

    Will we be removing countries found doing this from our list of close allies? If there was proof that the USA had infiltrated high political office with the intent of subverting the Canadian system of government what would happen? War? Trade sanctions? What if it was Israel? Would we stop turning a blind eye to palestine? No matter what happens only peasants will suffer. If a canadian patriot tried to change things they would be killed by the police we all pay to keep us safe and free.

  11. Ariadne404 says:


    And you have proof right?

  12. tillaylomo says:

    a remarkable racist

  13. RicoBoudreau says:

    @metrocurle hahahahaha xD

  14. AromaticBovine says:

    How can anyone be “absolutely baffled to a certain extent”? Is it absolute? Or is it to a certain extent?

  15. AromaticBovine says:

    I love the globe on his desk. It’s a stressball!

  16. 613OG says:

    This is not news to people who know about the Builderberg Group where the Premier of BC was in attendance this year in Sitges, Spain .. alongside other Canadian Politicians where foreign and corporate leaders of the world met and set their secret agenda…research the New World Order…everyday this is becoming more evident and more in our faces. ..also one of the Rothschild said Canada’s foreign policy is under the command of Jewish Lobby group CIJA when asked about Canada this year.

  17. omegafile says:

    What about the Israel control and purchase of the Harper election? WAKE UP!
    CIJA was created in 2002 by Canada’s Jewish corporate giants, notably Izzy Asper, Gerry Schwartz, and Heather Reisman, to coordinate Canada’s Israel lobby and manage the “strategic direction” of the CJC. In 2005, CIJA formed the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee (CJPAC), a counterpart to the U.S. AIPAC, in time to back the Harper election. It received in exchange unprecedented loyalty to Israel from the Tories

  18. metrocurle says:

    So what’s the big deal haven’t the rich and power always done this, or is CSIS just trying to get more funding.

  19. UltimateWarrior65 says:

    Hah! Nevermind Bilderberg cabinet ministers, what about our own Prime Minister being under direct control of the state of Israel?

    Here are some Canadian ministers and the like under control of foreign countries

    Stockwell Day – Agent for Israel and China
    Gordon Campbell – Agent for Israel and China
    Stephen Harper – Agent for Israel and the United States

  20. rippedofftails says:

    I was extremely surprised that the director didn’t mention USA, also the timing of the statement for me more interesting, than the statement itself, but then it clicked in, who stands to gain the most from sabotaging China /Canada relations. The same foreign group that helped fund the campaign for the puppet administration currently in office.
    All of this matters not, for collectively, we are too apathetic & deserve whatever befalls us.

  21. PrometheanRunGood says:

    Interesting timing… anyways they’ve gone back on it posted a retraction on the CSIS website.

  22. ipts5i says:

    CSIS is right. People who have made a study of security issues have long realized that the days of espionage did NOT end with the Cold War and the fall of the USSR. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that BC is one of the 2 unamed provinces…after all Vancouver is the gateway to the Pacific. Middle Eastern countries as the report says are also recruiting…so demographically, the obvious answer would seem Ontario. But we can’t expect a detailed expl from CSIS- after all this is of secretive nature.

  23. nonamebrand0 says:

    thats kinda scary
    our mayor here in Barrie took a trip to China right after he was elected… hmmm…

  24. grips2u says:

    I want names and heads on a platter!! who cares about the timing?? its perfect timing. gotta stay on top of these crooks

  25. markymark7717 says:

    Could someone post part 2 of this interview please before they remove it off the CBC web site to cover their tracks. Thank you for posting this.

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