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Story Highlights: * Chinese hackers claim to have broken into Pentagon’s system * The hackers met with CNN on an island near a Chinese naval hub * Hackers say Beijing secretly pays them at times, something the government denies * Official: “The Chinese government does not do such a thing” The story – They operate from a bare apartment on a Chinese island. They are intelligent 20-somethings who seem harmless. But they are hard-core hackers who claim to have gained access to the world’s most sensitive sites, including the Pentagon. In fact, they say they are sometimes paid secretly by the Chinese government — a claim the Beijing government denies. “No Web site is one hundred percent safe. There are Web sites with high-level security, but there is always a weakness,” says Xiao Chen, the leader of this group.

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25 Responses to Chinese hackers: No site is safe

  1. TheJRCXII says:

    no Brazil sao poukos que podem ser chamado os fodoes

  2. TheJRCXII says:

    puts oq é isso kkkk fodastic

  3. ManSmokingACigarette says:

    Hack ’em up.

  4. lightvsdark001 says:

    @xHAZARD78x lol

  5. MrGabriel159753 says:

    lalala nem sei como fui parar aqui D:

  6. IceColdKillaPL says:

    wow, he pinged a server, what a fucking pro hacker!

  7. joshkilla67 says:

    China’s military is doing this and no1 is stupid. they do this all the time. The recent attack, was proven to be connected to china military. They were fined huge summ.yea not chinese military huh………pfffft lol they are all a bunch of small dick liars

  8. phantom1000A says:

    what the fuck is all these chinese comments?!

  9. doncabron23 says:

    yup script kiddies, using scripts made by real hackers

  10. RazorFPS says:

    @VerifyVolatile Just stfu.

  11. VerifyVolatile says:

    Script Kiddies…

  12. TheWassup1313 says:


  13. BorderHopper408 says:

    WTF are u dumb we got whit japanses european hackers too.. not just chinese Dumbsass

  14. BorderHopper408 says:

    naa they save what they want n just use winrar which they customize or mod to help open files or something they want

  15. misbooon says:

    @stealthpakfa nah, CNN = Chuck Norris Network 😀

  16. exploit200 says:








    引擎收录.qq:[email protected]






  17. Bertyball says:

    He used winrar to open an archive with a hacktool in it…He didn’t downloaded winrar and said that that was a hacktool…

  18. faitblog says:

    winzip is a tool to hack?

  19. AtmosAcc0unt says:

    We need to hire more hackers from other countries to team up and hack China!



  21. jamestargetedindiv says:

    Watch a Pre-Januar­y 8th copy of Inception. Listen closely when the actors say imagine, reality, and safe, or point pistols. You’ll hear the words, Loughner, offin’ her, part of the word Giffords, and much more. Some say they hear, do it.


    funny how the hackers are chinese

  23. PanosConroe says:

    i can hack like that too but i waited for them, so i could see if anyone else could do it 😉

  24. OrionLong says:

    …… :59 “Free software downloads for breaking into computer systems”….Thats Winrar…..Hahahahahaha Fail…

  25. mrbaldon says:

    you are not hackers if they are real hacker get the password of my msn:

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