ChRiStIaAn008 asked:

Credits go out to XteraX see the thread

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20 Responses to Cracking WPA2 password using pyrit (GPU cracking)

  1. blueray03 says:

    @ChRiStIaAn008 jeg kiggede lige paa din kanal, er du dansk? og til dit spørgersmål jeg er ikke familier med hvilke videoer der er men jeg kan prøve at kigge og vende tilbage til dig…

  2. ChRiStIaAn008 says:

    @blueray03 If u can recommend some good videos for that i can add to the channel, let me know 😉

  3. blueray03 says:

    Its actually quite simple, and there are quite a few tutorial’s out, even here on youtube, search backtrack 5 or offensive security, but remember unless you have absolute permissions it is a punishable crime

  4. COOL1AIR1 says:

    wow… wish someone could teach me …..:/

  5. jasontd1984 says:

    @jeshaw3242 well he could bruteforce a list to his liking if he wanted to but i think that would be one long video

  6. jasontd1984 says:

    @lastbreath2011 this video did teach me alot but if you don’t understand how to get a handshake i would look somewhere else till you get a little more advanced but if i am wrong the script is aireplay-ng -0 10 -a the bssid -c the station mac then your interface in this case wlan0

  7. jasontd1984 says:

    wow most of these comments are retarded a pass over is much slower and this does indeed work and no you do not need to change the mac address this is for more experienced hackers so don’t dis it cause of your ignorance

  8. lastbreath2011 says:

    boss what was command for handshack in aireplay-ng please can you tell me because video is not clear and we are using this command
    aireplay-ng -0 0 -a —–c —— wlan0

  9. TheSam467 says:

    This work for ati gpu’s also? lmfao at the song

  10. TEO135 says:

    i have a nvidiageforce g210m card,how install the cuda driver in backtrack 3?

  11. Ichicracker says:

    First of, get a REAL cam u TWAT!
    Second of WTF is that LONG ASS PROCESS!
    Third and FINAL, WTF do you get for posting bullshit? waste of others TIME? fcking fagggot

  12. Tautavydas says:

    what’s the graphic diagnostics you use in background?

  13. jeshaw3242 says:

    The only reason why this worked is because the cracker got lucky with the password being in their dictionary list if the network admin was smart and didn’t use a dictionary word WPA is impossible to crack.

  14. Fran0neal says:

    Can anyone please tell me why do we have to change our mac first before doing the cracking?

  15. ReceivedFiles says:

    Too blurred.

  16. moffboffjoe says:

    Whats the music? Pleeaaasseee

  17. Bassix says:

    Well… this is no really serious aircrack, just passing over the wordlist. kinda lame.

  18. 123hollabit says:

    What if the wpa-psk is not in wordlist, how backtrack can figure out. Like me pass is not in list; back track come out with different pass. How to make backtrack work perfect?

  19. aronqq says:

    which music is this? I love it 🙂

  20. Fireking300 says:

    Great video. I hope you show some more videos like this with better graphics cards to show difference. 5 star rating.

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