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Google TechTalks January 24, 2006 Phillip Hallam-Baker Dr Hallam-Baker is a leading designer or Internet security protocols and has made substantial contributions to the HTTP Digest Authentication mechanism, XKMS, SAML and WS-Security. He is currently working on the DKIM email signing protocol, federated identity systems and completing his first book, The dotCrime Manifesto which sets out a comprehensive strategy for defeating Internet crime. Dr Hallam-Baker has a degree in Electronic Engineering from Southampton University and a doctorate in Computer Science from the Nuclear Physics Laboratory at Oxford University. ABSTRACT Internet Crime is a serious and growing problem. Phishing,…

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12 Responses to Crime: The Real Internet Security Problem

  1. coleenevangelina says:

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  2. aweinsto says:

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  3. aweinsto says:

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  4. HowHideIP says:

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  5. xxmrbloodxx says:

    @benteta Becuz this user be a youtube partner. if u want to upload 1 hour vids just aply for partnership

  6. benteta says:

    that is so unfair. why do they get to upload 1 hour videos and I have a 10 min limit?

  7. zerofool2005 says:

    Hes using the term “Skiddy” as a person who is a black hat and the 1980’s hackers as White Hats.

    He just using what is relevant in the media at this time.

  8. saizai says:

    Wow, this man either doesn’t know what hackers are like, or is deliberately misrepresenting us.

    Mitnick wasn’t a skiddie. Nor is it sensible to say that just because he broke into a network, they had to reinstall some software on everything.

    That just ain’t what a script kiddie is…

    Kinda sad to have someone who ought to know about this stuff using language like ignorant mainstream media does. :-/

  9. RAZcracK says:

    5,425 views – 3 comments … LoL

  10. darthdoull says:

    This is great stuff, very informative. I watched this and took notes for a presentation I’m doing in a couple hours, thanks Google!

  11. Eragon86micky says:

    58 minutes? :O

  12. aniwens says:

    Great Video for the End Users, yet not much information for people who have a thirst for a little more Technical information.
    Dr Hallam-Baker is a grea

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